Are They Gonna Zig, Or Zag?

You really can’t tell, can you? (BTW, their names ARE Zig and Zag.)




  1. they are NOT REAL. cartoons, wind-ups, computer graphics, but not real. right? nothing can be this cute and hoppy with a back of pointy things!

  2. the mohawks!!!!

  3. I had NO idea!!!
    I thought they were cute and a general, Teddy eating his corn on the cob video, Zen sort of way, interesting because of the cute juxtaposed with the pointy bits. THIS, THIS is bouncilly new cute.

  4. @Haha you beat me to it, kind of… I was coming here to say, “but what we really need to know is how do they feel about corn?”

  5. januaryfarmer says:

    Hope this person is a wildlife rehab person. Porkies are not pets. Sorry to rain on the parade.

  6. I both Loff them and am ‘scared of them at the same time.

  7. …boing boing boing what’s over here boing boing boing what this boing boing…

  8. fleurdamour says:

    OMG they hop! And execute instantaneous 180 degree turns in midair.

  9. LunaChickFringe says:

    Who knew they popcorned like bunnies and guinea peegs!

  10. grytlappar says:

    Did anyone else get sucked into the youtube porcupine vortex?… I watched a vid where a porcupine scared off 17 lions! Woah.

    @januaryfarmer: There’s no clue on the person’s channel (kind of a bad sign), but I asked in a comment. 😉

  11. Yeah, and i thought it was picking up cat hair with a vacuum. I can’t imagine a romba doing quill detail