Rats, It’s My Birthday Monday

As Nosevember reaches the halfway mark, these three goobers show off their best side. “Noodle, Hester and Vincent chilling on top of their hammock. Hester has a fabulous schnozzle as I am sure you will agree.” -Megan D.



  1. Happy Birthday!
    (Judge says its ok to use “Happy Birthday to You!” now.Yay!)

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. jlamusings says:

    Happy bday! And a gentle boop to each ratty schnozzle

  4. BatBlaster says:

    That reminds me, my brother owns three rats.

  5. Happy birthday! Cute ratties…they look so comfy!

  6. So… CO is back?

  7. (we are all saying happy birthday to Brinke,right?)

  8. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Heya Brinke, Happy Birthday! Does this mean you are back?

  9. Happy birthday Brinke! It’s so great to have you back! Not sure what the hiccup was over at CO headquarters but glad to see it’s been apparently worked out. CO is such a wonderful website, and you are an amazingly talented dude. We’re lucky to have to you back. I hope you do something special for your birthday.🎉🎉🎉

  10. Happy Birthday! And the rats are real cute!

  11. Happy Brinke Birthday!

  12. Just checked Brinke’s LinkedIn Page and it’s now updated to show he’s still with CO. Interesting, hmmm??? Not sure what went on but I’m just glad everything is worked out and back to normal (hopefully!). And oh, yeah very cute snozzes on the ratties.

  13. We’re birthday buddies, Brinke! Happy Birthday! too bad it’s on a Rats! it’s Monday. 🙂

  14. Happy birthday and welcome back!!

  15. I hope the above rumors are true and that CO is back and I can get my cute fixes, once again. These adorable ratties help put a smile back in my day.

  16. Happy Birthday, Brinke! :D:D:D And thank you for your heroic service to the World of Cute. May we shower you with money and rose petals?

  17. Does Vincent’s ear notch mean he is a …(gasp) FERAL rat? Or did he do it just to make people think he’s tough.

  18. fkaWaldenPond says:

    It just occurred to me, *work to rule* does well, work. Nicely done. Tipping my hat to you.

  19. :
    I am so glad to see things are back to normal !
    Rose: One of my previous rats had an ear notch. It didn’t indicate feralness. It just indicated a squabble with one of his brothers !