Maru Doubleheader

Two Maru videos in one post? Whythehecknot? In the first one, His Blorpship is met with the choice of two boxes to stuff himself into. Small, or large. We can guess which he chooses first. Because he can.

And in the second, we flashback to when Maru was a mere seven months old.



  1. Baby Maru = The Circlet!

  2. It’s true, he was always round!

  3. TheFormerAstronomer says:

    omg, the poofy tail in the 2nd video!

  4. I Love CO and Maru!

  5. So cute to see young Maru running around so “spry.” There is no way the current Maru would be able to jump up onto the couch so easily now (-:

  6. It’s tragic to watch Maru get hooked on boxes so young. Obviously that first cardboard house was a gateway drug.

    Love this kitteh and his person.

  7. It’s so fluffyyyyyyyy >:3 XD

  8. Floors fit for ice-skating