“Hey Honey? How’d The Kitty Litter Get All Over The Floor?”

“I have no idea- The Cat hasn’t moved from the couch in hours. (Sigh.) I’ll clean it up.”

~ ~ ~

“Hi! Here’s a picture of my dog Rocky looking very guilty. I guess I caught him red-handed or should I say litter-nosed :D. Greetings from Finland, Tuija L.”



  1. That needs a GROSS tag.

  2. Oh, seen this before. My dog also seems to have a bizarre fixation with the cats’ litter box, though I can’t imagine why

  3. Silly Rocky! He has a very cute nose under that kitty litter!

  4. We’ve begun to call the cat’s litter box “the automated chocolate dispenser for dogs.”

  5. Someone’s been hunting for almond roca!

  6. Emmberrann says:

    Somebody nose what happened here!

  7. Guilty!