Can We….HELP You?

“Just poked my head out to look at the weather, and jumped when I saw this guy starting back at me!” -Shelley H.



  1. Haha, took me a minute to find that face!

  2. Took me a second look as well, Maroon Caudin. What a sweet neighbour.

  3. Little one .. If you want to open a “Fast purr drive-thru” .. please do it on the ground floor .. you will have a better flow of customers.

  4. OMG I would be constantly popping over to the neighbours’ for every damn thing! “Can I borrow some… oh what a sweet cat- I’ll just skritch behind his ears there… See you tomorrow, neighbour!”

  5. Peek-a-boo 🙂

  6. januaryfarmer says:

    Now you are rolling Brinke. Did we bring you back to life like Tinkerbell?

  7. A Peeping Tom?

  8. I love that look of concerned surprise kitties get about the oddest things.