Bunday: This Cup Runneth Ovah

I’ll have two buns to go, please.



  1. Me too please! I love Bundays!

  2. Wonder why someone thought to put bunnehs in cups in the first place? *boop* on de n

  3. SO cute ❤

  4. Squirrelyone says:

    When I was in grad school, I had a class that was all about technology for librarians. It was an entirely online class. I never did meet the professor, and this always makes me uncomfortable, because it’s hard to determine whether a person has a sense of humor when you never meet him. So I did a test. I found that if I included a picture of either bunnies or kittens in teacups with every assignment, I got full credit. Maybe I’d have gotten that credit anyway. Or maybe in a world of face-to-screen higher education, everyone looks the same, everyone does the same assignments, everyone gets the same degree, and it takes some bunnies in teacups to make you stand out.

    The important thing here, folks, is that you bookmark this picture, because it just may save your life (and GPA) someday!

  5. Bunnehs are the cutest!!!!! Awesome pic!