Bunday Sleppy Time

If there’s anything better than cuddling with a Bebeh Bunneh on a Bunday Morning, I haven’t discovered it yet. NEED. BUNS. NOW.

“I’d like to share a video and two photos of the cutest baby bunnies snuggling and dozing off with me (Karen C.) on the couch. They have a tendency to roll uncontrollably as they fall asleep, so I have a special bunny pouch sweatshirt that I put them in so that they are warm and secure. The video captures the most precious moments of their afternoon nap!” -Karen (Scott’s wife.)



  1. They are so cute and so lucky to have such a good mommy!

  2. Glad to see some great posts this sleepy Sunday morning

  3. This is heaven.

  4. What a truly precious video!! Sweetest babies ever.

  5. Thanks Brinke

  6. Oh dear, I’ve melted.

  7. Where is that wonderful sweatshirt from?

  8. Do baby bunnies have no bones? Crazy cute.

  9. Baby buns are very…maleable! The feets stretch–squee!

  10. flop-sity-doodle 😉

  11. I am ded. Just instantaneously ded at the start of the video. My ghost watched the rest.

  12. Oh let this poor baby sleep:)😴

  13. This is the cutest thing I will ever see ever.

  14. I agree with Lisa T. Stop handling them! They’re trying to nap!

  15. They’re not toys. Let them sleep when they need to sleep.

  16. Mingles' Mommy says:

    Mom. We’re napping. We’re…. CLUNK. *zzzzzz*

  17. Did anyone notice the ADORABLE sweatshirt BB is wearing? Its a bunny! where she puts BEHBEH bunnies!