The work week is behind us, and the weekend hasn’t even started. Isn’t Friday night the best part? You’re done with work, but the weekend hasn’t started. Kinda like…free time! Oh, and BTW- who are these guys? “This is Georgie and Andy. Andy had a famous pic on your site a couple years back in a planter box on our balcony.” -Brian S.

Thanks, Brian- it’s time to TGIF!

(*P.S.: “We now have wire mesh underneath all railings and neither cat can get to the planters anymore.”)



  1. Aw…they are lovely together!

  2. I am not sure what is going on with CO but can’t bring myself to be angry. This site had brought me too much joy over the years for that. Just glad to see this new post, even if automated.

  3. Lovely boys. Needed this as I read about the Paris attacks.

  4. Awww cute fur babies. 🙂

  5. Just a tease. C’mon Meg, tell us what’s going on here, please.

  6. How about an “Occupy Cute Overload” movement?

  7. I agree with Elle. Tell us what is going on…….

  8. I think a “just do,don’t explain,then provide an epilogue later down the road” approach has been meg’s style here.Actually,she really has’nt been visible for a real long time,like years type long.

  9. My last comment may be sound spiteful,but isnt.It is an observation only.She has distanced herself from direct interaction with visitors to this site over the past couple of years.She might have no real desire to continue to be tied down to it’s operation.
    This site is a product of the owner,and the time they have to devote to it’s continuation.And the interest they have in investment in it,both personal and financial.
    So,I wonder if there is motion towards selling this blog on her part?

  10. jlamusings says:

    Love the gif (no matter what the dealio is with c.o.) and Purritos! Thanks, Murkle46!

  11. Youre welcome,jlamusings!

  12. anonymous coward says:

    @murkle46: what the duck?
    first, we have doggehs that can be vacuumed, now ducks? what is this world coming to?

    now, if my cats didn’t disappear into an alternate dimension when i bring out the central vac hose…



  14. sweet pic…love tuxedos!

  15. @murkle46 – LOVE the purrito pics!! haha!!

  16. So, I never dreamed I would utter these words, but: I want to vacuum a duck! It looks so peaceful and content being vacuumed.

  17. The Purritos are precious!!!

  18. OMG–😱I moved and was without internet for a WEEK and I was shocked to find CO in crisis. 😭 I’ve read all the posts since then, and wanted to say that this site has been a great comfort to me, also. I started coming here in 2009, and I squealed over the cute, but I especially liked the banter and comradery among fellow COers. 😊 I was upset when the format changed and we couldn’t reply because it changed the community we’d built. 😢 When The-year-without-a-calendar happened, followed by the death of the picture-a-day calendar, I wondered… Teh qte will always be with us, though. No matter what happens to the site, we’ll always be Cute-ologists!
    BUT…I am overjoyed to know NTMTOM has a new site and I hope to “see” you all there!

    BTW, the Purritos are adorbs!!

  19. Ahh, finally seeing all the details… This has been a daily stop for me for a long, long time. Hoping against hope that it won’t all just disappear…

  20. The community here is fantastic — hi everyone — and… what will I do without CO?! Need the daily (multiple times a day, let’s be honest) hit of joy, especially in these dark times.

  21. Thank you for the pleasant comments!