Flashback Péntek

That would be “Flashback Friday” in Hungarian, which makes sense since the website it came from is also in Hungarian! Thanks to Vajda B.

Fényképezte: Ismeretlen: Cím nélkül, magángyűjtemény


  1. *Sniff* Another auto-post .. Meg / Someone .. Can you fill us in pretty please with a kitten on top ??

  2. And a fuzzy hammie, and a sweet hedgie too???

  3. How do you guys know it’s an auto-post? Are we to abandon all hope? 😦

  4. My guess is they are continuing but just 1 post pee day. To cut costs

  5. I have hope! 🙂 I’m jonesing for a picture or two of some cappy’s! 🙂 The mama and baby one that was last posted tickled me pink! I will add that I am a loyal viewer to this site, but seldom comment. I check many times through out the day and will continue to do so until the lights go out.

  6. Love you, CO!!! :o)

  7. thkoalafanfurimmer says:

    I am not losing hope either! Like I said, until there is something officially posted that this site is no longer going to be around, this site’s not going anywhere. It’s possibly an autopost since Brinke doesn’t seem to work for CO anymore but then again it may not be. We can’t assume anything until we hear it absolutely for sure from Meg or someone.

  8. for those who didn’t see it posted in the previous mass of comments NTMTOM has started a page to soothe us : http://www.notthatmiketheothermike.com

  9. Definitely an auto-post…Brinke is no longer with CO from all I’ve read. Sadly, it’s more like a ghost-post 😦

  10. To whomever is running CO: you clearly have devoted followers. By the look of it, it seems they need an explanation of what happened in the last week or so. It doesn’t seem a good strategy in the long term to ignore this and continue as business as usual …..

  11. I don’t think anybody should be judging anybody. Stuff happens and I’m sure all will be revealed in time. It’s a website. Nobody owes anybody an explanation. Let’s just be nice. Life is complicated sometimes.

  12. I’m getting angry now – we deserve an explanation. I’ve been through all the emotions – sadness, panic, worry. What next?

  13. We are just happy that the site isn’t shutting down forever. Keep up the good work!

  14. I do hope CO does stick around!!! ❤

  15. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Sad, sad sllloooowwww death of CO.

  16. anonymous coward says:

    man, that must have been some wild, kic***s party the co staff had for them to be hungover like that.

    …hey, wishful thinking, right?
    i do hope this is just a momentary thing, that co will be back to its regular programming real soon now.


  17. If only we could know this child’s history…not to mention (thus mentioning!) the adorable pup!

  18. I’m a C.O. addict from Belgium. I have no idea whatsoever what is going on with my favorite website, so suddenly and without any notice. Sniff sniff

  19. Oh CO, whatever is going on!? I miss you!!