Nosevember: Kazoo, Part II

Last week, Sender-Inner Mindy emailed us some photos of her kitteh Kazoo. We saved a couple of them for this week, and here we see Kazoo intently studying a backyard Sqwerl.

For educational purposes only, naturally.




  1. You have made me smile!

  2. We’re back? Without a mention of what was going on?

  3. I may finally be able to stop sobbing. Welcome, Kazoo, and your lovely schnozz.

  4. Thank you, thank you! I was lost without daily cuteness.

  5. Teri Brucker says:

    A ray of hope. Serious withdrawal.

  6. perfect kitty nosey!!

  7. Kitty!

  8. Squirrelyone says:

    The backyard sqwerl in question then fell into those eyes and drowned in joy. What a beautiful cat!

  9. Ah OK I’ll bite: delicate coral nose, green laser eyes.
    Brinke tag. Looks hopeful. Is this real.

  10. SixFootJen says:

    Are we back? Really?

  11. Squirrelyone says:

    Those glorious whiskers are tickling me through the screen!

  12. Kazoo – you are BEAUTIFUL!!

  13. What a delicate little nose…and those perfectly curled eyelashes!! Whatever Kazoo wants, Kazoo can haz.

  14. Popped over here to share this quote with everyone going through C.O. withdrawal.
    “Purring would seem to be, in kitty’s case, an automatic safety-valve device for dealing with happiness overflow”.
    I bet there are humans purring all over the world right now seeing this beautiful kitty!

  15. Is it possible this is another automated post, though?

  16. Courtney, you’re probably right. But I’m feeling pretty desperate these days–take whatever I can get.

  17. I totally understand. I’ve had a pit at the bottom of my stomach the last few days…

  18. mayitaazul says:

    I thought there was some speculation the Brinke no longer worked at CO and it is one of his posts. so. it looks like it might be another automated post. 😦

  19. We will now rejoin your regularly scheduled program, already in progress ……

  20. The last three posts are each two days apart. Still worried. 😢

  21. I think this is what NTMTOM was talking about when he said “there will be fewer posts” – it does seem automated to me. Brinke may have set them up before he left.

  22. Phred's Mom says:

    One can only hope.
    I will stay tuned.

  23. Brinke left ?!?!

  24. @aj, you want to look at the comments on the last two posts.

  25. We’re not out of the woods yet – this is likely another automated post. 😦

  26. Cheese Beagle says:

    Wuz dat nose!

  27. Thanks Deb. I’m am just heartbroken. OVER A WEBSITE! But it’s a site that got me through tough times. sad sad sad

  28. I use to send emails and got a response right away,I don’t anymore


    is up and on its way…

  30. I can’t even begin to describe my feeling over the last 5 days. But somehow EVERYONE is feeling the same as me. Such a beautiful qte honest bubbly whiskered website that gave us all a place to congregate and heal bad days, miss our beloved pets who went over the rainbow bridge, celebrate blorpyness and derpytude, AND keep us connected to Maru’s, Grumpy Cat’s, baby wombats and special animals and people all over the world.

    Even if it’s every other day I’m going to keep the light on. Btw, if it’s a money issue I wouldn’t mind paying a small monthly charge.

  31. althought I am in my cubicle at work…mentally I’m skipping about because CO is back!! zippity doo dah! 🙂 🙂

  32. No one likes a tease…..this could be more pain!

  33. The first photo is breathtaking-that oceanic eye, those whiskers, that nose.

  34. @Brouhaha THANK YOU! Going there now!

  35. thkoalafanfurimmer says:

    Even if it’s automated, it’s a post nonetheless. And a glorious one at that.There’s still hope guys!

  36. @Brouhaha, thanks so much! I went, I read and I commented. Yay NTMTOM!!

  37. Been there, commented. Will be on CO if they get it right. But congrats to NTMTOM for stepping up and reaching out. No offense to anyone at CO ever. But I want NTMTOM to succeed and I still think a FB group is an excellent idea.

  38. At last, a ray of new cute!

  39. What’s goin’ on? I thought it was me or my computer having issues.
    Does anyone really know what is happening?
    I am at a loss, I cannot imagine life without CO!
    I have shared this site with SO many people and now it is simply going away?
    No good-bye, no see ya later, no Sorry it had to end this way?
    I am so lost!
    Many sad tears…….. 😦

  40. ShazzaNorth says:

    Oh no – what is going on? CO has brightened my life for a very long time!


  42. My posts are getting censored. I too cannot believe that there is no communication from CO management about what is going on.

  43. A facebook site won’t succeed IMO because the site needs to generate income to pay staff full time. And the only way to do that is sell stuff or run adverts.
    I’m still of the view that Cute Overload wasn’t making any money so Meg has had to pull the plug on the staff.

  44. SlaveToCat says:

    I think the Cat Overlords found out cute overload was leaking the Overlord’s top secret plans to take over the world thru cute kitties. The Cat Overlords must have kidnapped the cute overload staff and taken them away.

  45. SlaveToCat says:

    Just in case the site goes off line forever I just wanted to say GOOD BYE to all you peeps and the people at Cute Overload.
    The pictures and the comments brightened my day to no end. sniff this is almost as bad as losing a kitty.

  46. What! Cute overload can’t go! It’s been part of the inspiration for my own blog. :”(

  47. Several thoughts on the issues at hand – One this might just be a test run to see how upset people are and if it would be possible to charge for subscription to site or Two – that Meg has been advised by primary employer that this site is affecting her work somehow and she is not to post anything AT ALL. If neither or these are correct, then there is absolutely no excuse for not advising everyone what is going on and this is super low energy. Aside from the obvious, that is an excellent nose for Nosevember.

  48. Brinke, if you still have access to this site, just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all your posts with their humor, wit and sass. If you ever decide to continue in this vein that would be a great day indeed. Someday it would be very cool if someone would tell us, CO’s adoring supportive public, what the heck happened over there and why the Qte has gone so suddenly out of our lives. Cheers, L

  49. Just pm’d Meg Frost on FB, asking her to please visit this site to see all the hoopla and perhaps to give us a clue as to what’s happening with CO. Don’t know if she ever checks her FB and of course any pm’s not from friends will go into a separate folder that she may never look at but it’s worth letting her know there are a lot of people who really care about this.

  50. Brinke Guthrie has both Facebook and Twitter, maybe message him there?

  51. While I was happy to see this post, I am still confused and see about what is happening. I muss CO so much! I would be willing to pay a small monthly fee to see it continue. I would consider it an investment in my mental and emotional health!

  52. I too would pay a small monthly fee to get to interact with y’all, plus the QTE.

  53. Crossing my fingers REALLY hard….

  54. Thank you to Brouhaha for the info…I went over to NTMTOM’s new webpage. It made my heart happy to see many CO peeps logging onto the site.

    So many thoughts about what has recently unfolded, and what may come. I can’t believe I’ve been visiting multiple times daily for about 10 years. Just like many have said before, it is difficult to imagine this site may fade away or shut down completely. Since the beginning it’s been more than a just website, it’s been a solid world-wide community. We’ve shared many laughs, sometimes laughed so hard we’ve spewed beverages on our monitors (at least I have 🙂 ). Shed tears together over the loss of a furbaby/family member/friend. We’ve shared in many joyous moments as well. We’ve spent hours in the Mod Lounge with snacks and bowls of pudding. We’ve also come together to help raise money for, and helped to find furever homes for many anipals. And the common ground has been love of the qte in whatever shape it took. I hope CO finds a way to continue.

    Thank you my friends for helping to create and sustain this special corner of the world.
    Judy Lancey

  55. I wonder if it would be possible to create a program that would pick random posts for Encore Presentaysh. Like how Car Talk put together shows even after one of the hosts retired because of how beloved it is.

  56. Golly, I’m stunned, flummoxed, completely bewildered. I just thought maybe staff was down and out with flu or something, never considered that CO might close. What is the address for NTMTOM’s website? I am totally non-computer savvy, don’t do Facebook or anything. If Meg is the owner of the site, I do hope an explanation will be offered to the thousands of fans of Cute Overload. The sweetness and light and good humor and empathy of the photos and their captions/comments creates a bond between strangers. I would be happy to pay to subscribe to this site. Please, CO, don’t leave us all alone in a dark, cold, uncaring world!

  57. We’ve been through a lot on here and I can see everyone became close.

    We do deserve the right to know what’s going on.

  58. Seems kind of cowardly not to say anything. But then, we don’t know what’s going on.

  59. Alice Shortcake says:

    CO isn’t just a website, it’s a much-loved internet institution. I understand that Meg has a busy life in the real world but I can’t help feeling disappointed, and a wee bit angry, at the total lack of an explanation of what’s going on behind the scenes.

  60. I think a lot of us are feeling angry at the lack of any explanation. The silence is deafening.

  61. Keep in mind that Meg is a working mother of twins, who must be, what, about two years old now? Perhaps difficult life-changing decisions had to be made, which have affected the entire CO family. I’m sure Meg’s aware of the popularity of the site and the devotion of her fans, which makes her silence all the more concerning.

  62. No matter what the issue may be, personal or professional, I just want to say thank you to Meg and all the CO crew for so many years of making souls around the world smile. I do hope somewhere down the line we will have an explanation, but until then, let’s all keep our chins up and keep searching the web for the Qute!
    I will miss my fellow “posters” and funny stories we all share, but who knows, maybe something bigger and brighter will appear on the horizon!

    God Bless everyone and all fur babies! 🙂

    Elisha Burgess, Winston Salem, NC

  63. Ok, I’m probably totally naive, but couldn’t the site continue with volunteers instead of paid employees? Of course no one could ever truly replace Brinke, NTMTOM, et. al., but I’m thinking of sites like Coursera that make heavy use of carefully chosen volunteers. Coursera TA’s are passionate, knowledgeable, responsible, and work for nothing. Couldn’t something similar be done here?

  64. Checkin in for news.
    I’m an old lurking CO fan, posted only a couple times due I’m not a native english speaker.
    But CO means a lot to me, and I’m not ready to say goodby to the cute animals and funny, quirky comments.

  65. Has anyone heard any news? 😦