C.O. Trading Cards #26

Next up in our series, some pure California Blorp! (First seen here.) Click for ULTRA MASSIVE C.O. Super-Size™, and collect all of ’em!




  1. Whew! Cute is back online. Y’all had us worried, people.

  2. This might just be an automated post.

  3. Seeing that much blorp in one photo always makes me feel better about… myself. 😆

  4. Phred's Mom says:

    Glad you’re back, CO.
    We need you.

  5. Only one post in the last few hours – I’m still worried!

  6. CO – I don’t think you guys know how much the world needs you.

  7. I believe I have discovered a Serious Oversight: there is no Rule of Cuteness related to blorp!

  8. Did they get suspended by their server for a copyright infringement claim type thing?

  9. LunaChickFringe says:

    Yep. Still worried. They would have told us what happened by now if this wasn’t some sort of auto post as Rina said.

  10. I can’t believe how ridiculously worried I feel. I SO hope we see CO back soon. With love from the UK

  11. If it was legal related, that might explain the silence. But I miss the QTE!

  12. fkaWaldenPond says:

    😦 Sad days in the world of cute.

  13. I thought I was the only one. Thought perhaps something was wrong with my email. Glad I’m not alone…but, whew…I sure miss the overload.

  14. Still worried. 😧

  15. LunaChickFringe says:

    I’ve been scouring teh interwebs for a clue but have found nothing…

  16. Alice Shortcake says:

    *waves placard*

    We want CO! We want CO!

  17. I am worried too. Hope all at CO are OK.
    Man, I miss teh qte!!!! 😦

  18. I’m on the worried train as well! Come back, we need you!!

  19. Server problems?

  20. SO hope it is just server problems!

  21. Calico Angel says:

    Having a CO withdrawal. Can’t believe I feel a huge void and in my day. Hope you’re okay.

  22. What’s the problem? Not enough new cuteness in the last 24 hours!

  23. [Huddled in fetal position, mumbling incoherently]

  24. Hope issue is technical and nothing else. Maybe there’s been too much cute and it’s broken the interwebs.

  25. Madame X – I’m the same!

  26. View been checking into CO every few minutes for the last 24 hours – help! xx

  27. But if it was server/technical issues, wouldn’t they have posted that info to Facebook or Tweeted it out?!? I’m getting very worried.
    CO! We love you! Hope you are OK!!

  28. So missing the cute. CO cute is unlike other cute. There is other cute out there but I want the CO brand of cute.

  29. Having CO withdrawal and I don’t want to have to go into ” no cute animal pics and stories ” rehab. Please, someone let us know things are okay. Hope it is technical issues like others are thinking.

  30. Since this morning when I discovered that Brinke no longer works for CO I’ve had a feeling that he left & they had no replacement. If it was a server issue, the site wouldn’t be up, we wouldn’t be able to comment. And @JM is right – a server issue could be announced on FB. It is very odd that nothing has been announced because they know they have built a strong community here. I can’t imagine why no one else is posting. Maybe someone should directly send an email and ask what’s up?

  31. Dear C.O. – We love you, please come back soon.

  32. @Deb…how did you discover that Brinke no longer works for CO? Do you know any more about that? Meg posts occasionally…wonder where she is? And NTMTOM?

  33. I has a sad. Qte withdrawal.

  34. This is, of course, how a lot of internet hoaxes get started, but….Brinke is a MAN?!?!?!

  35. and by the way, I would do this job for free!!

  36. @JM I went to Brinke’s LinkedIn page and saw that the listing for CO was written in the past tense, while he has a new job that is clearly continuing. I posted on the comments for the photo of the Jeboa, the last photo before this one. If you go to those comments you will see mine from this morning with a link to Brinke’s LinkedIn page. Others who went to the link agreed with me. But you are right, why hasn’t anyone else posted? Where is NTMTOM? Someone must be seeing these comments and how sad everyone is. 😦

  37. I would have thought that bringing the world the Qte was the best job in the world….

  38. this is a really sad day for cute.

  39. Blorp is good, but not sufficient Qte for an entire day. We miss CO!

  40. Hey everybody, Brinke just tweeted a photo of Norbert the dog for a donation https://twitter.com/brinkeguthrie?lang=en. @Julie – Yes Brinke Guthrie is of the male gender 🙂 I think I saw this a few years ago, either here or elsewhere.

  41. SlaveToCat says:

    It’s time to send out a search party for the missing cute web masters. Starting a convoy to head to California. Cars, trucks, buses, campers forming up at South Station Boston 8 am tomorrow. First stop will be Providence RI. How we get to California from there is beyond my navigation skills. Bring plenty of treats and pet toys. We will need to attract a lot of cute along the way to restock the Cute Overload factory.

  42. Please let’s keep commenting – it’s helping to hold me together.

  43. @Deb…got it. And his Twitter feed doesn’t identify him as a writer for CO. For other outlets, but not CO. Anyone live in Silicon Valley? Meg works at Apple.

  44. Apple just launched a significant new service through word press.com vip.if Meg works at Apple,then it could be they are busy with the new service launch.

  45. The launch was saturday, the 7th,when CO went quiet.I’ll lay money she’s tied up at work.

  46. @SlaveToCat
    A convoy sounds great. According to Mapquest you need to get on I-80W as it appears to go into SF. I will drive up from Cincinnati and rendevous with you in Cleveland. I will bring a supply of kitty litter.

  47. @slavetocat yes, let’s all do something proactive. A Cute Convoy is a wonderful idea. Cute Overload we r coming to you. Jumps in old VW bus and heads west packin entire collection of CO trading cards for Meg to sign and lots of Cute Catchers (patent pending) to catch some of the cute along the way.

  48. First, I want to wish Brinke all the best in his new endeavors and thank him for all the years of cute! Second, I hope CO is back on its feet soon. It’s hard to believe how much it’s come to mean to me!

  49. Freaking out here in Denver, CO. Hope all is well at CO!

  50. LunaChickFringe says:

    I’m not normally a big commenter or contributor but CO gets me through my work day, every day. I would be lost without it.

  51. I miss CO so much 😦

  52. The thing is, as I see it, that if they knew there was going to be a hiatus in posting (planned launch at Apple, someone changing jobs), they would’ve advertised it somehow; it’s not like them to just disappear (I don’t know them personally of course, but the style of this website is so familial and they Always tell ut about stuff in the posts). That is what worries me, and makes me Think it’s an involuntary stop 😦 I truly wish they’d just come back 😦
    Miss you and hope Everything is well. (My computer randomly capitalizes Words for some reason).

  53. I don’t comment much either. But, I do check this site several times a day, from home and work. What is going on? Please someone, give us an update, please.

  54. Not all launches go smoothly.Lets hope it’s something simple.

  55. I believe that someone would have let us know if there was a problem… if they were able to let us know. This doesn’t bode well and frankly, it makes me more than a little nauseous. I’m not sure what I’d do without my CO fix several times a day. I just hope everything is okay. 😦

  56. Megan Frost is on LinkedIn: works at Cute Labs LLC and Apple. Looked up Cute Labs LLC on corporationwiki; says “is no longer active”, and that Megan Frost “no longer holds any active roles”. Does not say when became inactive. Is there somewhere else to check for information on Cute Labs LLC?

  57. @daisycam, at the very bottom of each CO page it says Cute Labs Inc. I looked on corporation wiki – very smart – thanks! – and Cute Labs, Inc is the entry for CO and it says Meg is President, the papers were filed in 2010. So they changed types of incorporation.

  58. @deb,o good i freaked out when i saw that!

  59. jlamusings says:

    Sending prayers & wishes that all is well over at c.o.! It does seem odd which worries me something awful happened…. let us know, cute overlords! Maybe we dedicated followers can rally around you in some way!!

  60. LunaChickFringe says:

    Another morning with no CO…trying to stay positive.

  61. Ricky's Mom says:

    Dear Meg, Brinke, NTMTOM, and all who work or have worked at Cute Overload (waves at Teho),

    Thank you for all teh Qte you have brought us over the years. If Cute Overload has run its course, we will miss it, but we will always be grateful for the sunshine you’ve added to our lives on a daily basis for so long. (And speaking of daily, thanks for my Cute Overload 2016 calendar!)

    If this is just a brief hiatus while you deal with other, more important things in your personal or other work lives, we are still grateful, and will be Cute Overjoyed when you return.

    With very best wishes to you and your families,

    Ricky de Maltese and Ricky’s Mom

  62. Meg’s LinkedIn says Cutelabs to Present ??

  63. I’ll second Ricky’s Mom and say dear CO, thanks for the years of awesome!

  64. thkoalafanfurimmer says:

    Based on the fact that there has been nothing talking about a hiatus/website ending, I’m hesitant to think that either is happening until there is some kind of definite proof (ie a post) saying that that’s the case. And there was also a new post, so regardless this site is still technically active.
    However, I am seriously missing the cute. I don’t comment very much on here, but this website has been part of my morning routine since 2009 and it’s helped me through many sleepy mornings and many rough days, and it’s the reason why I have many folders on my desktop filled with all the cute. I hope CO comes back online very soon, and if not, I wish all the bloggers on here all the best.

  65. LunaChickFringe says:

    I just can’t believe that they would just stop without making an announcement or informing us in some way.

  66. it’s not even april 1st!

  67. We all have stuff that comes up in our lives. Deep breath everyone. Go over to Animal Planet and watch the kittens. This will all get figured out.

  68. This site is an oasis of joy in a sometimes-inhospitable internet! But I realize that CO is a labour of love, and that life sometimes gets in the way. Hope everyone at Cute Overload is well.

  69. Even if the staff is having trouble posting, they could come on here and comment like the rest of us for peace of mind. It’s kind of like a slap in the face here to have several people who could talk to us but won’t. 😦

  70. Squirrelyone says:

    For this sudden silence, whatever the cause, to happen in the middle of Nosevember makes it extra harsh!! Think of all the great noses out there, eager, waiting, *ready* to take the internet by storm! Hopefully when CO comes back, we’ll get just *smothered* in the deluge of Nose Backlog.

  71. This is more than just a site to view cuteness, this has become a real community of all of us posting. And that’s another component, because if the site does end, yes, we can see cuteness around the web. But we wouldn’t have this community of each other that has developed over the last 10 years. By the way – anyone seen Oakley?

  72. Just wanted to add my well wishes to the CO staff! I miss all the cute creatures and will have to settle for staring at my own dogs and cats in the meantime.

  73. @Deb Well said! If CO does not come back up can we ALL migrate somewhere together??
    @AB lol. Yes. I have my own dog and cat. I can look at them and believe me they are cute.
    But you’all are not there to comment. Sigh.

  74. hilz makes an excellent point: if all of us are able to come here and leave comments, someone at CO can too. It seems inconceivable that they would simply close up shop without any explanation but why, oh why, can’t they let us know when things will be back to normal??

  75. Oh my, this absence in my life is making fme eel a little nauseas. I too consult these pages of a morn’ while I sup on my soggy cereal and luke warm instant coffee. The fact that everything went ded in the middle of Nosevember is terribly ominous. PLEASE BRING BACK THE CUTE!!!!!!!! (That’s the first time I’ve shouted on the intertubes.)

  76. PS. Who’s going to keep us up-to-date with Maru?

  77. Please come back CuteOverload! Mornings just aren’t the same without you! Meanwhile, here’s how you can follow Maru: http://sisinmaru.blog17.fc2.com/

    You can see in today’s posting on Maru’s blog, that Hannah is crying because she misses CuteOverload, too!

  78. I have been watching the comments with bated breath, hoping to see some sign. Apparently I can’t comment from my phone. Anyway, I do think something is weird because as many have said, Meg or someone could also post here.
    I think it’s time to invoke the rule of Kevin Bacon! Who knows someone who might know someone that could tell us whether Meg is okay, first, and then what is happening, and what we can do to help.
    While we are waiting, we could gather together by sharing our or other folks’ pet related Instagrams. It’s not congregating at a new site, but I think it’s too soon for that.
    Let’s find ’em, folks!
    I’m on Insta @woofs.dooks

  79. Has anyone contacted them through their FB page? (Which also hasn’t been updated since the 6th)

  80. There was a new “tweet” from 2 hours ago, “Nosevember continues” https://twitter.com/cuteoverload

  81. All of you have been there for me when beloved kitties passed on, and the community here at CO is second to none. Hope all is well at Qte headquarters. Going back to Tiny Kittens livestreaming, but it just ain’t the same.

  82. I just hope all is well. Not like them. :-/

  83. @ Deb: You’re absolutely right. We can view the cute at other sites, but not with the commentaries of Meg, Brinke, NOMTOM etc, and definitely not with this amazing community. It’s the cute/community combo that gets us through the tough patches and brings sunshine into every dull day.
    @ Amy: I did try sending a note to Meg through the gmail address given in Sub-mee-shons, but no response.

  84. Just looked at the tweeter entry mentioned by MJP. There’s a reply arrow under the picture of a lovely snowy dog, so perhaps someone who’s registered with Twitter could try sending a message to CO through that.

  85. oops…I guess it’s “twitter”, not ‘tweeter’.

  86. I know most everything comes to an end some time, but I’ll be so sad if CO is done as a website. I guess I can go back and look at the archives, but is just won’t be the same. Silly that something like a little old website could mean so much to me…😢

  87. I’m not very good at coming up witth lyrics, but the tune to the song “The Day the Music Died” keeps going through my head, but replacing the word music with CO. I’m trying to nurse several sick pets back to health at the moment and the CO community has always been a place for solace, just knowing there are others out there who have the same deep love for their animals! Sending out good thoughts to the folks at CO and everyone in the CO community!

  88. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Peeps! NTMTOM Just posted this message on the his fb page!!!! * I am so sad, I really may cry* thi

    To my dozen of readers:

    I’m saddened to report that I will no longer be contributing to Cute Overload, and that there will likely be fewer posts in the future. It’s not my place to say why, and I hoped by now that Meg Frost would step up to explain the situation to her readers, who are growing understandably confused and anxious.

    Although my heart is broken, I am still grateful to Meg Frost for plucking me from the hoi polloi of the comments section and giving me a well-paying (well, *paying*) job for over seven years. I enjoyed writing for Cute Overload from the first day to the last, and was never bored.

    In my youth, I was told I had talent, but I lacked courage and settled for a safe career in Cubicle America. And then one day I found myself doing what I thought I would never do: making strangers laugh, seeing them tell me how clever I was, sensing their eagerness to see what I’d write next. To all the readers of Cute Overload, past and present, thank you so very much. You’ve taught me that even when you give up on dreams, dreams do not always give up on you.

    Best wishes,

  89. Wow, I think CO is inexplicably falling apart…

  90. Damn

  91. Maybe we are missing the subtle message with this post. Perhaps BLORP means good-bye!

  92. NOoooooooooOooooooo ……… I honestly might cry too. NTMTOM, Brinke, Theo back in the day, etc. etc. – these people helped get me through my day. SAD!!!!!

  93. OMG, this is making me feel really sick.

  94. Is this CO’s way of telling me to go forth and pun no more?

  95. thkoalafanfurimmer says:

    As long as Meg is still around and nothing has officially been, CO still is technically running even with Brinke and NTMTOM gone. We can’t lose hope yet guys!

  96. pinkkoala024 says:

    *been said, whoops.

  97. Gets a cart of tissues out waiting for that phone call you dread getting in the middle of the night.

  98. I can’t bear it. CO has kept me sane through desperate depression over the years. Meg, why aren’t you posting to explain to your thousands of fans? PLEASE come back

  99. Catwhisperer says:

    @fkaWaldenPond – I don’t know NTMTOM’s real name. How can I find him on FB?

  100. The thought of never reading another NTMTOM witticism makes me sad.

  101. @Catwhisperer – NTMTOM is under “Not that Mike the Other Mike” on facebook.

  102. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Catswhisperer, he is under ‘Not That Mike The Other Mike’, search that. And geez, Oakley, Saffron, Faye, copperbat etc. guys I am really, really bummed about this. I go about my workday all sad, almost weepy, momentarily forget why and reflexively think, ‘Ahh, I’ll go to CO to cheer mysefl up!’ and then– the cycle starts all over again.

  103. Who is going to pick up the baton and take it from here? There is obvi a need for this in all our hum-drum little lives…..

  104. I can’t bear it

  105. Thank you @fkaWaldenPond. Thank you NTMTOM.
    I will join FB for no other reason than to keep in touch with
    NTMTOM and any of you I find there. Does anyone know a way
    to form up in another way!? If you do please somehow make it
    happen. The cute here was comforting to us all but the
    community made the big difference. Hugs to you all.

  106. Thank-you Birdcage and David for directing us to NTMTOM’s FB page. It felt good to make a connection and be able to thank him for all the good times he’s given us. It’s beginning to look like the CO era may be coming to a close and we may not be given a full explanation. I’ve checked into CO several times a day over about the last 4 years and, as I said earlier, the cute can be found elsewhere, but I’ll miss the community so very much. If this is the end, I want to thank all of you who post comments and are there to encourage and console each other. This has been a unique and wonderful experience. May God bless you all.
    @Kristen: I hope your pets are soon back to their sprightly selves.

  107. Oakley – it’s not funny. We are worried and heartbroken

  108. This site has brightened many a day over the past several, challenging, years of my life. I hope everyone involved in running and contributing to the site is comfortable with whatever this turn of events is, and I hope that, as NTMTOM implies, the site will continue, even if not as prolifically.

  109. LunaChickFringe says:

    I stand with you all, a little weepy over a silly, little website that has held me up on more days than I would care to admit. I hope that Meg will let us know what is going on but I know that may not ever happen.

  110. Phred's Mom says:

    I will miss you all, especially you,
    Oakley. Meg, give us some
    explanation so we can move
    on. We deserve this.

  111. Catwhisperer says:

    Thanks, guys. At least now I can still read stuff by NTMTOM. Although I haven’t posted anything since the Mod Lounge days (‘member how much fun we had in there?), I still visit CO at least once every day, and I agree that more than the qte, it’s all of you that I’ll miss.

  112. Ok all. I reactivated my Facebook. I am Faye Heft. I don’t mind putting that out. I have to delete old stuff update and check privacy settings. But I will be more than happy to friend anyone I recognize from CO! I’m also cool putting my email out: twochiwawa @ yahoo . com without the spaces. Just don’t stalk me with cute. I’m turning 64 in January, I’ve been through the 50s and 60s. I’m officially protesting and would like someone with more tech savvy to at least set up a message board until a certain someone (hint) might create his own blog. Hope to see you all. I am heartbroken. I enjoyed every one of you. Too numerous to mention. 😢

  113. Wow. I don’t post in the comments that often, but I’ve been enjoying this site since 2006. This feels like I’ve been in a relationship with someone for 10 years, and then they just stop calling or texting for no reason. Or, like the feeling I had when I finished the last page of the last Harry Potter book. There is a void in my soul!!! D:

  114. I never would have guessed how much it would bother me to think of this site as just…stopping.

  115. I am heartbroken. I have been with this website from the very beginning. Even though I’ve never met Meg Frost, NTMTOM, Theo & Brinke, I feel like they are friends. I feel like all of you are my friends. This site has helped me cope through some dark times. And during the sunny times made the light feel even brighter.

    I am actually crying as I type this.

  116. Squirrelyone says:

    Some part of my mind keeps telling me it’s wrong to be this sincerely distraught over a website. The rest of my mind keeps arguing that for the last ten years, this has been my go-to site to help me cope with everything life throws at me. This is . . . really, really hard to express. Wow. I started reading this when I was in college. CO has been a part of my entire adult life. Just wow.

  117. Ricky's Mom says:

    I have to say, though I do understand how upset everyone is, that it seems unfair to say that Meg Frost owes us anything. This blog started as a *software test,* became unexpectely wildly popular for a few years, and since then has become less so. (If you don’t believe me, check out the difference in average comment numbers this year and, say, four or five years ago.) In the meantime, Meg has had a child, and still holds down a paying job. Though I do hope she will eventually feel able to say something in this forum, I don’t feel she owes us. The joy that is Cute Overload has never cost any of us a red cent. It has, however, taken the time, thought, and energy of several people, starting with Meg, and including Brinke and NTMTOM, to keep up. (Also, it is possible that there are legal reasons why there has been no official announcement here.)

    IMO, Meg doesn’t owe us, we owe her. We owe her gratitude and understanding. I appreciate that your mileage may vary, but it’s been a good run, and in the meantime, many other outlets of teh Qte have opened up. Sometimes we just have to say goodbye. If that’s the case here … shall we say it nicely?

  118. I never thought I would feel sad at the demise ( if that’s what it is) of a website but CO is special and so is the CO community. I may have e break down and join Facebook.

  119. I’m still checking this site several times a day, hoping, just hoping that it will be back.

    CO helped me through many hard times over the years. What am I going to do? Where am I going to go when I just ned a little pick me up?

    It’s so sad.

  120. How heartbreaking. If this is the end of CO, I will sure miss this place. Hopefully I’ll see you all out there in the webs.

  121. I can’t believe this is actually happening.. I, too, never realized how much this site meant to me until it was gone.. What am I going to do now?? Thank you Meg, Brinke, NTMTOM, Theo and any others who have contributed to this amazing place. I hope it isn’t over but I am going to start preparing myself in case it is.. 😦

  122. I find myself checking every few minutes – help!

  123. gangewifre says:

    Hoping for an official update soon, and that Meg is well and things will smooth themselves out!! This is scary!

  124. We are all terribly sad about this.

    Imagine how Meg must feel.

    I can tell you from firsthand experience that having to close down a business is like losing a child. This site has been a part of our lives for a decade, yes, but Meg put her heart and so much more into it.

    Meg, you have brought so much joy to my life.

    Thank you!

  125. The Original Jane says:

    I just have a feeling this isn’t just ending like this. Legal action seems unlikely – it would have happened before now. Plus all submissions are clearly stated to be C.O. property to do with as they wish. Any linked videos have to be properly approved and if not, they get taken down. (This happens all the time on YouTube.)

    Also, I can’t see just dropping a well known and lucrative website such as this. If you research what this site makes on weekly ads and calendar sales, you don’t just drop that kind of income.

    If Meg did decide to stop, it seems to me that as a savvy business woman she would sell the site, not just quit like this. Either that or there is a “house cleaning” going on and new writers/assistants are going to be introduced.

  126. If its to do with legal anything, I would guess its about the writers contracts. I feel like if this was planned for a while, they wouldn’t have just disappeared without at least writing a goodbye post 😦

  127. The Original Jane says:

    @mel – yes, my first thought was whether the writers were trying for larger salaries, didn’t get it and then quit or got let go. That would possibly be sudden and take time for Meg to decide how to proceed with the website.

    I feel like there will be an answer at some point. Probably worded carefully if there has been a falling out among staff. Not just a shut down.

  128. My Dearest,

    It been so long that we’ve been bumping into each other, here, all arriving for the simple, kind, funny, and uplifting pleasure of each and every post? Except the post with the kitten in the non-functional blender. Or, well, that other post featuring a small human baby in a highchair. So, not those.

    We’ve all different ages here. We’ve sizes and shapes. And we’re from so many different countries, too. We visit once, twice, ha-HEM! Twice a day. Yes, we come for the posts but so many of us return over and again for what has likely become the most uplifting, perhaps one of the safest places we’ve been able to find on the internet.

    I recognize your nicknames and when I read each of your comments I can hear what I imagine is your voice in my head; I see a picture of you in my mind’s eye and your always smiling. We told our stories, offered comfort to each other during a loss, and we’ve laughed. We laughed a lot.

    Perhaps this Cute Overload will discontinue. Perhaps it will just change as all things do; as all people do. After the last two days, It couldn’t possibly be what It has been. At least for me. But it might be different in a good way. Or it might be scaled down. And although I never counted on Cute Overload to fill an emptiness within myself, I have been never-less, filled, over and over again.

    Thank you for letting me share so much happiness with each of you. Let’s hope there’s more to come and if their isn’t, know that as we carry this 10+ years inside ourselves, we also carry each other.

    Blessed Be

  129. I like pie.

  130. I have to say that I thought something wasn’t quite right at Halloween. There weren’t that many post and the ones that were seemed to be phoned in. I chalked it up to busy with other things and then when there wasn’t any posts the other day became kinda concerned. And now here we are. This site is the bright point in my day and the Happy Place I go to when I’m stressed out at work and after a few mins of puppies, kittens, and wombats all was right with the world again. The writers were awesome and I love reading everyone’s comments. This is probably the only site where people are funny and kind and you never see the sniping or trolls as you do elsewhere…this is a great community and a joy to be a part of. I will miss it 😰

  131. jnyjny Wise and well-said. And @Ricky’s Mom. I don’t feel Meg owes us anything. We were all lucky to have CO at all. But it would have been nice to have a bit of information or a tiny warning. I think the abrupt interruption is the problem. And as Meg, Theo, NTMTOM and Brinke are real people we are sad and worried not angry. Perturbed is a good word. Eternally grateful, no matter what.

  132. It will be two years ago on Christmas day that my kitty died. I was alone for the holiday and posted what had happened. I will never forget how many people took time from their celebrations to post kind and supportive comments. Thank you, Meg, for making that possible! We have to be grateful that CO touched our lives at all!

  133. Oh dear, I’m more of a lurker than a commenter, but I love this website and all of you commenters. I will miss it if people have had to move on, but thank you all for being a wonderful community to me (silent cousin in the corner).

  134. 1knitchick says:

    I’m just going to curl up in the fetal position with my blankie…please let me know when CO is back so I can resume my life.

  135. The reason I’m so sad about the demise of CO is that there are so few “safe, sweet, gentle, *clean*, joyful places I can visit on the internet. Countless times I’ve had a bad day, been in tears or stressed out, and I’ll go to CO, see the cute photos, read the wonderfully creative headlines and comments, and find myself smiling. Every time. It’s been like a little oasis of happiness in the midst of the muck. I will so miss that. Thank you to all of the CO creators and staff, and to the commenters, for bringing a little light and joy to our lives these past 10 years. Signing off, Jennifer in Virginia, aka “Tinychih”

  136. *sigh* I, too, am worried about CO. What a marvelous oasis it has been for a great number of years. I wish all of you the very best should CO just disappear in the coming hours, days, weeks… Thanks, especially, to all of the staff/moderators for brightening our lives!

    I don’t facebook, so I am very glad that NTMTOM has his set so even us “no FB for me, thanks” people can read it. We can only hope that if CO does shut down, someone will pick it up and restart it (or some version of it). I never understood how they made any money without ads, and I for one, would gladly pay a small monthly subscription fee to view the qte; I would venture to say that many others would. It’s totally worth it to have just that one safe place where you can just shut out the ugliness of life, even just for awhile.

    Love to all of you!

  137. Gigi_the cat lady says:

    I have not posted much in the last years but I still came for my dose of cute. And for NTMTOM witty stories and 260Okley’s puns. I will forever miss the non existant NTMTOM coffee table book and the Men of CO calendar. Goodbye and thank you CO, you will be missed.

  138. anonymous coward says:

    to add my voice to the chorus: hope all is well at “ranch cute” and that meg, brinke, ntmtom et the gang will be back r.s.n.
    i’d bet they all just celebrated too well recently and no amount of alka-seltzer can make that wicked headache disappear.
    peeps, just give them time. 🙂

    yeah, that’s my theory and i’m sticking with it.


  139. *sigh* Terribly saddened that I can no longer entertain dreams of NTMTOM’s coffee table book. But I will miss the wonderful community at CO most of all. Whenever I felt a little blue or under the weather, I’d dig up some of my favorite CO posts and laugh myself silly over the cute and the commentary. Never failed to pick me up. It’ll be difficult to put that behind but I will treasure the memories. Grateful for that much, grieving what’s no more will be the price to pay.

  140. Oh, I will be so sad if this is indeed the end of CO. I’ve been a daily (at least) visitor for years and have even gotten two sub-mee-shons accepted (!!!!). It has been my favorite antidote to the sometimes seemingly endless ugliness of the world. The sleppy kittens, the majestic elephants, OMG! ponies in sweatuhs…it’s been wonderful and I’ll miss it terribly. Thanks to Meg, Brinke, NTMTOM and all of you lovely commenters for bringing a bit of joy to the interwebs.

  141. So many thoughts. I think the turning point came when they redesigned the site and people couldn’t respond directly to one another anymore. I noticed there were significantly less comments after that. Also, I don’t ever click on the ads and I’m betting most of you don’t either. Maybe Meg’s advertisers were no longer willing to keep paying her because they weren’t getting any business. The reasons seem financial to me because it looks like the staff had to be let go. If NTMTOM is heartbroken, it doesn’t sound like he left because he wanted to. I really wish he would start something new, I’m sure he would do a great job. Look at what they have created, all of us talking to one another with respect and love, in a warm, fuzzy place to connect with people. That’s one of the best uses of the internet we could hope for. I have a healing/counseling practice and I know how many people are hurting and sites like this are invaluable. One day a few years ago, I received a tragic email from a client and I was so upset for this person and what they had experienced, by the time I finished reading the story I headed straight to CO. And they didn’t fail me! It was a post of the Japanese anime Donyatsu featuring these donut cats who were persecuted by angry fork wielding mice in post-apocalyptic Tokyo. The donut cats sang & danced at the end of each anime. I laughed so hard, I actually could respond to my tragic client. But my favorite NTMTOM post of all time was back in March, “Elizabethan Reptile Theater” featuring a lizard wearing a scrunchie. I was thinking about that on the way home on the subway earlier and had to stop myself from bursting out laughing like a lunatic! I really hope they do keep the site running even if it is only a few posts here and there, it really soothes the soul.

  142. Dear Oakley — Thanks for ALWAYS finding the funny! And for God’s sake, don’t stop punning now. Altho’ I suspect you couldn’t stop even if you really really wanted to. But don’t. And I echo all the others here in being grateful for all CO has been, and might still be, and will always be in the Big Beyond that is the interwebs. Plus, I don’t think it’s over ’til the Fat Cat sings. Maru? Got a Viking helmet handy?

  143. I just read through all of the previous posts and cannot find much more to add. Together we were a community of kindness that gave comfort and joy and spread silliness and cute all around the world. That community still exists in all of us. Thank you CO for bringing us together.

  144. I haven’t posted much since the redesign either. But there is the core group that made it such a warm and welcoming place.

    And I am NOT giving up on my NTMTOM coffee table book!

  145. I think it wouldn’t be that hard to create a NTMTOM coffee table book. There would just have to be permission from the higher ups, but it could be very easy. One of those bookmaking sites, like Blurb, drag in and arrange all the photos, put the stories and captions in. He could sell it on the Blurb site as well, we would all buy it! Can we make this happen?

  146. @deb…. I think we could all contribute new pix that NTMTOM. Could write new script for and be all original. He’s awesome!

  147. Unless there’s a contractual non-compete agreement which might kill a book idea …but…you can’t write a non-compete (at least in CA) that prevents a person from working in their field. Food for thought Mike.

  148. Alice Shortcake says:

    Please, please tell me this isn’t the end of CO. It will leave an aching pony-in-a-sweater shaped void in my life.

  149. CO, please don’t go.

  150. I’ve been mostly a lurker, very occasional commenter, and twice-successful sender-inner since the first post in 2005. Having checked this site daily for ten years, I cannot fathom going on without this particular brand of teh cute but, if it has to come to an end, I’m grateful to Meg, Theo, NTMTOM, and Brinke for their work over the years. This has been an exceptional reader/viewer experience. Until I find something with more variety, I shall amuse myself with Instagram and my favourites: Lil Bub, Norbert, and Bunny Mama. My best to all of you!

  151. FB post from NTMTOM one hour ago…….”Anyway, I’ll see what I can do. Stay tuned.” Will do NTMTOM.
    I just can’t imagine a world without CO. I don’t want to imagine a world without CO.
    Meg…please…tell us what is going on. Not knowing is creating so much distress. We thank you for all the years of great cute! We love you and owe you so much!

  152. @Chelle

    Hey go check out pecanthenut on IG.He was the one ringing the bell for treats in a plaid shirt.He was on Ellen and the today show.

  153. @Chelle

    Go checkout pecanthenut on IG.
    He was the one ringing the bell for treats in his plaid shirt.

  154. Shaz aka Sharon says:

    The fact that Brinke and NTMTOM have left at the same time, makes me think there were contract issues. I wish someone would let us know, but I feel that, if they don’t, it’s really none of our business. 😦 That doesn’t make it any easier, not knowing, of course!

    I’ve been so lucky to have my little Abbie McFlooferson, as well of the rest of my little clowder Reilly (his big freckled schnozz is still at the bottom of the front page here), Finlay and Heidi, on here, along with a few of my other silly photos. It certainly has made me happy over the years, and I hope the CO crew will be able to work things out, so we have much more cute to come!!

  155. For the past 10 years, CO has been the home page on my browser because I always wanted to enter the world in a happy, warm fuzzy way.

  156. Shaz aka Sharon says:

    I forgot to add: Malinki, I like pie, too.

  157. Were they abducted by aliens?

    I hope we find out something soon…

  158. My favorite NTMTOM post was “Reginald and the Orb of Madness” (as I recall). It was the first Ignoramusky (sp) video I had seen. Do you remember—-kitten having a hissy fit over a tennis ball, all set to the “Alien” soundtrack? NTMTOM’s story fit the video perfectly, as always.

    This feels like a wake, so I’m raising a glass to Cute Overload.

  159. It would not surprise me if CO was making a loss.

  160. Come on CO… come back… please? COME BAAAAAACCKK! I am NOT happy! I even miss the cookies and tea in the Mod Lounge 😦

  161. That is really sad. I have been coming here for 9 years. I loved the posts, loved Brinke, NOMTOM, Teho and all the contributors. It is a pity…

  162. @erikainhb… Yes, we could all send photos to NTMTOM – how could we make this happen? Then you arrange it on Blurb or whatever site you choose and once the book is done, post it on the site and anyone who wanted it could buy it. That way you don’t have to worry about having so many printed and sold. @daisycam — I remember that post, too! It was hilarious! That was also a favorite I sent to people. @Chelle – I go to Bunny Mama on IG as well. It’s actually very sweet and quite funny at times. I like how she calls Oli “worried potato.”

  163. LunaChickFringe says:

    I’ve probably posted more in the last two days than I have all year. I’m mostly a lurker but this site is the first thing I open every morning at work and that tab stays open all day so I can keep bopping over to see the new cute. We all know that sometimes things do come to an end if that is the case, it will be awful but we will go on. What is so hard to fathom is the silence. Meg built and fostered this open, family-style environment. No matter what has happened, I would like to thing we would all be supportive and understanding. When Disapproving Rabbits decided to end it’s run, they came out and explained it to everyone and though there was sadness, there was also an outpouring of love and support and understanding. I’m sure we would do no less.

  164. ChellePatt says:

    @Trina Thanks for the IG Pecanthenut recommendation! @Deb Yes, Oli is pretty durned cute and pototaoey. 🙂 I also follow Boo, Buddy, and Blu (aka The Blonde Mafia) of course. I mean, cute photos are one thing but what made CO so special was the ***writing***. So exceptionally witty and original! The glossary alone is priceless… *sigh*

  165. Being a corporate hack myself, it is always not-good when two important people leave at the same time and there is radio silence about it. Smells like contractual or some other type of in-fighting. I hope I am wrong though……

    I want to also express my love for the CO community. At a time when the internet gets progressively meaner, this was an oasis. I could always post here and never worry about flames. It was lovely to see the support everyone gave to each other. I will miss that and Oakley’s puns. I will miss Caturday and Tocktober and Nosevember. I will miss all my CO pals. 😦

  166. Phred's Mom says:

    Gigi, you reminded me, there will be
    no Men of CO calendar or coffee-table
    book! Just adds to the sad. *snf*
    That said, thanks to all, staff and
    commenters for so many years of
    qte. Better then a shrink. Love
    to all.

  167. Phred's Mom says:

    My partner Mike just hollered,
    “Forget the Middle East! This
    is a real crisis!”. Well, in that
    context, I dunno, but it still

  168. Come Back please……this is the only “happy” website out there!!!! Missing you muchly!!!!!!!!!

  169. anonymous coward says:

    @co team: are you guys over that hangover i said you were having?
    starting to exhibit withdrawal symptoms, here…

    @phred’s mom: your partner is right!

  170. I never commented much, but I checked this site a few times a day for about 12 years. I’m so sad to see it go. 😦

  171. jlamusings says:

    I know I rarely posted but as a faithful reader for years i agree with those who said the kindness of commenters made this website special. Maybe we should all move to a common place if this is over… or maybe start a FB group where we can post our cute pet pics to get by…I don’t think i can get by without Oakley puns in my life! …hmmm **wheels of mind creaking into gear** what do you all think?? Or any other social sites we can invade??

  172. @daisycam – haha I forgot about Reginald and the orb of madness. That was fantastic. So many great, witty posts. So many wonderful comments. So many great Oakley puns! And a website that set a precedence for loving rats. I am so grateful to Meg, Teho, NTMTOM, Brinke, Oakley (not technically a CO writer, but I always looked for those puns). I will miss the whole CO community! I’ll keep checking here, and stalking NTMTOM’s FB page, for updates and to check in on everyone’s comments. And for the moment, I’m headed to Marty Mouse House FB page for my rattie fix.

  173. Signs of life. New post. I hope it is real. I think a FB group would be fun and we also can use it as a fallback position. How do you do a FB group?! Anyone?!

  174. It is very easy to do a FB group. Just create one and choose the type you want (such as open to all, closed group, or secret group).

  175. Easy to start a FB group. Also fairly easy to start a new blog or forum if people don’t want to join FB. For now I’m just hoping FB will resurrect itself

  176. Oops, I meant I hope CO will resurrect itself. 😉

  177. NTMTOM posted on his FB page that he might be starting his own website, though he did say it would be quite different. Reading everyone’s comments got me very sniffly last night. I love this site so much. It has brought me to much joy and let me let go of so much stress.