“Maybe He’s Too Big And Drooly”

That headline is part of the email we got; here’s the rest! “Hello! This is Chaucer, my eight year old English Mastiff. He and I have long been fans of Cute Overload but we didn’t know if maybe he’s “too big and drooly for its hallowed pages.” But then we thought, Hey, Nosevember might be a good fit for us! Cheers, Ellie and Chaucer.”

[*Note: PS- He can NEVER be “too big and drooly.” -Ed.]



  1. *leans in to wiper in C.O’s ear* English Mastiffs are my favorites. Don’t tell all my other dog friends.

  2. Giant puppeh! What a sweetheart. No such thing as too big & drooly. 😀

  3. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Re ‘too big and drooly’, Ok, ok this one time only…


  5. so gorgeous 🙂

  6. CO gots ellyfants. “Too big and drooly”? NEVER! Chaucer is GLORIOUS!
    Chaucer! Chaucer! Chaucer!
    Pssst, hey jnyjny, (eyes look left and right) all big dogs are my favorites. 🙂

  7. Alice Shortcake says:

    nbeer: quite right. Floppy jowels are cute.

  8. Also, with those giant feet, he would fit right in on Toesday.

  9. What is this “too big and drooly” nonsense??? The only fault I find is with his hoomins for submitting just one stinkin’ photo of his lovely boy. More, please!!! 🙂

  10. Jasper's Hoomin says:

    He’s adorable

  11. The CO editorial staff is correct, as usual, there is no such thing as “too big and drooly”. Drooly is very cute. And this pup is ADORABLE!!!

  12. kallisto73 says:

    And he is called Chaucer. With that name, dem paws and dat nose he is perfect!

  13. Are we not even going to mention the marvelous side-eye action?

  14. How big is he? Next pic, put something in for perspective, please. He is adorable!

  15. liloaktree says:

    Great shot! He’s adorable.

  16. Big and drooly??? NO WAY ….. I loff a him! 🙂

  17. Oh hey! What an honor to make the cut! Chaucer is grateful and very much appreciated everyone’s kind comments. He promises to always think of big and droopy as virtues from now on.

  18. I agree with all the other comment…Chaucer is not too big or drooly! He can only be accused of being ridiculously adorable! 😀

  19. Oh hey! What an honor! Chaucer appreciates all the kind comments, and promises to never again think of “big and drooly” as anything other than virtues.

  20. No such thing as to big and drooly. ❤

  21. Ziggy says:He is welcome as long as he doesn’t eat too much. Joey says:He better not mess with Zoey, she is mine!..

  22. Chauzzzzziiiieeeeeeeeee!!!!!! ::smoochies::

  23. Do you really want to see ‘Big and Drooly’? I will send in a submission of my Big and Drooly English Mastiff and see if he makes the cut!! Here’s to all things ‘Big and Drooly’!!

  24. Assuming once you put down the camera, you padded that big head and planted a couple kisses on that wonderful nose.

  25. Somebody needs a hug!