Let’s Just Paws For A Moment

Timo loves playing his favorite game, “Get The Paper On The Other Side Of The Door.”



  1. I was glad the human finally let Timo get the paper. You’ve got to let the monkey have the banana once in a while.

  2. Got an add for toenail fungus pop up while I was watching this. Bet Timo never gets toenail fungus. Floof, but no fungus.

  3. Timo is so floofy! This game is clearly a variant of “Stick your paw under the bathroom door to be sure hoomin is OK in there.”

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Love kitty grabby hands!

    Used to live with a cat that’d do this to try to steal my dirty underwear while I was in the shower. This led to comedy when combined with his tendency to leave presents in his owner’s purse.