“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My iPad?”

“I left it in the living room- I think CareyNickels wanted to play with it.”

(Little Miss CareyNickels, c/o Will L.)



  1. Two words: screen protector.

  2. BatBlaster says:

    “Hey, a new high score. I’m a wiener”

  3. Thanks for posting my pup! She made it onto the site years ago as well (http://cuteoverload.com/2011/07/17/flurricane-warning/) – If anyone is wondering, yes there is a screen protector on the ipad haha, and CareyNickels absolutely loves playing the game 🙂

  4. Copperbat says:

    Netflix. Then Chill.

  5. @BatBlaster: You win the “Oakley Prize”.
    The video was funny, but you put it over the top.

  6. This dog has better access to technology than I do.
    Of course, my videos wouldn’t be anywhere near as adorable.

  7. Is that what you have to get Netflix?!
    @BatBlaster yup your a wiener with that comment.

  8. “Hone, how did all those movies about doggehs get on our Netflix queue?”

  9. iPuppeh .. Coming soon ™

  10. Sharon Wilson says:

    At least she’s getting exercise…

  11. As cute as this is, all I’m thinking is “Man, I hope there’s a screen protector on that thing!”