This weeks edition of TGIF! comes all the way from The Big J/Bun Island AKA Disapproval Island, which we have featured several times before. “I recently had the pleasure of visiting Okunoshima Island (aka Bunny Island!) It’s a far trek from where I am staying in Osaka (3 trains and a ferry ride, 3 hours each way) but totally worth it to see an island filled with happy, hoppy, floppy bunnies. This little guy jumped up to sit next to me on a bench. I got some cute pictures of him nom nomming away on bunny treats. I hope you can feature him on a Bunday* in Nosevember! Your fan, -Julie A.”

[*Note: Couldn’t wait ’til Bunday. The GIF opportunity was too good to pass up. -Ed.]



  1. Julie A, I’m jealous, but happy that you got to visit Bunny Island. You really wanted to go, especially to go thru all the extra travel to get there. I’d love to be among all the cute friendly bunnehs.

  2. Look at that pretty bunny, chomping away contentedly on those “delicious” pellets. It would be delightful to visit Bunny Island!

  3. What a sweetie! Six hours of travel to the only island on earth populated by bunnies is completely worth it!

  4. BatBlaster says:

    Isn’t calling it “Okunoshima Island” redundant as”shima” means island. However the face it is covered with usagi is still cute.