Sweden Celebrates Nosevember, Too

From the land of ABBA, Björn Borg and Volvo comes….Rufus! “This is Rufus our minature poodle playing in the snow! The cutest nose in our family :). Best wishes from Michaela and Rufus in Sweden.”


[*Note: Tried to work up something tricky and Swedish for the headline, but Google Translate just won’t make “Nosevember” Swedish. -Ed.]



  1. You could go with Sötnosvember but I fear only Swedish speaking Keanu Reeves fans would get it.

  2. Swedeheart says:

    Yeah, Sötnosvember is a good one, but I’m swedish (living in the US though) so I get it. Sötnos means cutie pie, nos is animal nose (human nose is näsa).

  3. Actually, it would be Nosvember or Näsvember (the nose of an animal = nose, the nose of a human = näsa)!

  4. I was thinking Näsevember 😀 but yours is cuter!

  5. grytlappar says:

    How about Sno(k)vember? Snok = slang for (a human) nose. The k is silent… Or it doesn’t pronounce right. 🙂 Hey, “Snovember”! Plus it’s halfway to “snö” which means snow, which we have in November-dum-de-dum—ON the doggies’ nosies!

  6. I did listen to Abba nd did drive Volvo, but I did not see this charming little cute swidish nose yet.

  7. liloaktree says:

    What a delectable nose button. And I love his winter gear!

  8. Cute Overload is truly international! Another reason to love this site! 😀