NEW Maru: Makin’ Biscuits

The World’s Roundest Cat is in the mood to make some biscuits when he gets a hold of a cat toy, nom nom nom.



  1. Bless him! the weirdest non-folded scottish fold ever lol and what is that back leg doing?!

  2. The sneer of feather disapproval is hilarious.

  3. Tamara, I think the back leg is trying to keep the ‘fishing pole’ part of the toy pinned down.

  4. There are so many things to love about Maru…his “all in” attitude towards everything he does whether it’s getting his chunk into a box or using all 4 paws to knead a pillow…that even his “fingers” are as chunky as his waistline…his face looks like Rambo going after his 1oth bad guy….I love this cat.

  5. It looks like the feather is attached to the pole with clear fishing line, and that the line is wrapped around his back leg, over his tail, and under him. I think that’s why he’s moving a little…oddly.

    I don’t recall ever seeing a cat kneading without also purring. Leave it to The Circle to be different.

  6. Maru is fantastically adorable. I could just nom him up!

  7. He’s making a kind of Popeye face there, towards the end. Hee hee…

  8. jlamusings says:

    I think (other than being tangled in the fishing line) he may be trying to do the rare “double biscuit making” where the back paws are trying to get in on the kneading action. 🙂

  9. If he’s reliving his childhood with Mom while he’s holding the feather in his mouth and kneading, I would also expect him to be drooling….

  10. Yeah, it’s this toy:

    I’ve tried many bird/wan type toys, my cat only likes this one: when you cast it, the plastic feathers flutter and spin in a very realistic manner in the air, creating this cool swooshing noise.

  11. Sharon Wilson says:

    Ah, the fierce predator with his prey! Knead, knead, knead…

  12. “the world’s roundest cat”—I love this! I cannot get enough Maru.

  13. Maru’s back legs XD hehe
    Those are some claws you have there, Maru >:3

  14. grytlappar says:

    He’s found the perfect bread to knead too—that thing really does look like bread!

  15. grytlappar says:

    I wonder if mugumogu realized how it would turn her life upside down when she first got a little kitten…

  16. That is hands down the craziest I have EVAH seen Maru! Gnawing on a fefah on a steeck makin biskits wif all hims feetsies! See how it makes me talk/type. Cuz that’s how I’m talking to him!