Friday Haiku: I Haz Your Stuffie?

If you need a friend
You can borrow a stuffie
Like this cat did here

(Video sent in by Susan M.)



  1. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Hobbes, is it you? Does Calvin know that you are playing with the neighbourhood cats?

  2. cat slave says:

    Timmy actually went out looking for vowels.

  3. What a happy little video, and I love cyberpunkrocker’s comment.

  4. That may be the cutest thing ever!

  5. Fierce predator there!!

  6. Awwww kitty needs a friend 🙂

  7. So funny! Our kitten has a “frustration” stuffed wolf that he likes to gore when he doesn’t get his way. Needless to say, that wolf shows a lot of wear and tear…

  8. I love this cat so much.

  9. This stuffie is mine.
    I don’t care whose yard it’s in.
    This stuffie is MINE.

  10. I’m remembering a fabulous news story from a few years back about a cat who would steal things from neighbors’ yards and clotheslines. The neighborhood set up a night cam to catch this cat burglar. Watching him creep home with someone’s bra was especially hilarious.

  11. Timmy is so ironic.

  12. Trisha Miller says:

    Love this kitty! debg-I remember that video! I agree, dragging the bra was hysterical.

  13. I love the “look what I caught” strut.
    @cyberpunkrocker – LOL My brother has a cat named Hobbes who looks just like the cat in this video – now I think his cat needs a Hobbes stuffie!

  14. Nice Haiku Saffron
    Calvin and Hobbs is my fav!
    This stuff is is mine!

  15. Silly autocorrect. Stuff = stuffie ala Saffron’s contribution

  16. Debbie H. says:

    May I make a request if I write it in the proper form?

    Please create a book
    Filled with Friday Haikus and
    Also some photos

  17. This is obviously a private moment.

  18. SlaveToCat says:

    I sure hope there isn’t a little kid crying his eyes out over the stuffie and a mom putting band aids on the scratches.

  19. First rule of Fight Club is:
    You don’t talk about Fight Club.
    Second rule? Same.

  20. Really adoring all o these animals and stuffies videos lately.

  21. Poor guy had to resort to stealing to support his stuffie habit. 🙂

  22. Someone needs to run a background check on this kitty.

  23. Now that is a purposeful stride.

  24. Awww, that kitty is prancing proud with its stuffie!