Dokidokiyummychums 2

Haven’t we….seen this Snoot before? (Rummages through Nosevember Rolodex thing;) -yes, I believe we have! Jessica G. tells us, “This is my Mini-Dachshund Dokidokiyummychums (you may remember her from Nosevembers past and yes, that is her real name.) Her nose is as long and as boopable as ever.”



  1. Stressfactor says:

    That certainly looks like a moist nosicle!

  2. *NomNomNom* says:

    “Boopable”? Duly *booped*…

  3. Those eyes, that face.

  4. Gina Smith says:

    Why is she wearing a tiny fez?

  5. Oh, she is so sweet in her little plaid coat! Such a soulful expression, too. I want to bring her a cupcake or something!

  6. grytlappar says:

    Diana eyes. ❤

  7. Those beautiful, soulful eyes!!! *ded*

  8. I am pretty sure I could never say no to that face!

  9. “Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf!”