You Don’t HAVE To Understand It- Just GO With It

So…..I took the title of this video and ran it thru Google Translate. Result? “[Ōkunoshima] I tried to sleep on the ground were plated the bait in the body!”

That about sums it up. I guess. So what we have here…is a guy wearing a pink Bunny Suit and yellow New Balance running shoes- and he’s covered in Buns.

Why does this not surprise me? (Speakers up.)



  1. Oookay, I guess I don’t understand the hoomin, I’ll just go with it.. I’d Love to go to Bunny Island and be among all tne adorable bunnehs.

  2. Totally don’t understand the hoomin but was a bit concerned a bun was gonna get squashed by him when he was lying down. Trying very hard to “go with it….” Why was his face painted red?

  3. I call that “having the full bunny experience”! I have no problem with this. How do you say that tickles in Japanese?

  4. “Is this Cute or Creepy?”
    “I think it’s both.”

  5. This is “Ralphie’s” worst nightmare!!!

  6. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Japanese television is strange beyond words.

  7. What? How?….What? 😀

  8. You know, because without the bunny suit, it’d just be creepy…

  9. He is one with the bunnies…