Time For A Snack, Norbert

Norb’s hoomin is about to hand him a treat. Wonder what Norbert does NEXT? (Hint: the treat doesn’t last long.)



  1. Wow! Those are some fast noms Norbert!! I love Norbert 😍

  2. He literally does nothing and I melt. He blinks and I am ded. He chews and there is sudden brain leakage. Norbert is so talented.

  3. Stressfactor says:

    Don’t forget those earsies hilz! Those floofy earsies are killer!

  4. Who knew chewing sideways could be so cute??

  5. Oh I haven’t forgotten those earsies! They’re like cheerleader pigtails!

  6. What a sweet little guy!

  7. Precious, adorable boy!!!

  8. The shmacking noises! ❤

  9. How can Norbie’s hoomin handle living with this outrageous cuteness every single day? I can’t handle a 20 second clip without melting! Lucky hoomin!

  10. Norbs always makes me smile 🙂