They’re Here To Take Us Back To The Home World

Anyone have a problem with that? (Imgur/Reddit.)



  1. Animallover says:

    I would go any where as long as I could look into those eyes

  2. fkaWaldenPond says:

    The ear protrusion thingys, the ear protrusion thingys!! Gah!

  3. Take me to your leader, small one.

  4. I am SO ready…Let’s GO cutie pie 🙂

  5. ** SEAL OF APPROVAL ! **

  6. Yes. Whatever the question that lil guy is asking, the answer is yes.

  7. Problem? My bags are already packed!

  8. awwwwhhhh so cute

  9. I screamed when I saw it! Is it a harp seal?

  10. cutest ever. The ear tabs and big front flippers tell us that this is a baby sea lion. Much cuter than baby seals, in my opinion, not that baby seals aren’t adorable. We have a lot of both, here in San Diego. Wonderful photograph.

  11. Oh dear. Stieff and Gund are now fighting over signing this guy as a model

  12. Oh my gracious! Thanks to Teri for identifying this baby as a sea lion pup, I thought it was a seal too. The ultimate cutie pie!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of a baby sea lion standing on its flippers. Perfect photo title – who wouldn’t want to go to this little guy’s world? Those eyes!

  13. Melt.