ResQte Of The Week: Dateline, Kennewick WA!

You’re a Mother Duck. You and your gang need help crossing the road. Who ya gonna call? No, NOT “Ghostbusters.” Call Officer Chad McGary of the Washington State Fish & Wildlife “Detachment 19,” (whatever that is.)



  1. Men of CO indeed. Something about a man in a uniform….

  2. Thank God for a real MAN! Cover of CO calendar, at least!!!

  3. Hnnnngh!

  4. This is what I call, a couple real he-men!!!

  5. It always does a heart good to see kindness in the world. ❤

  6. “I just want to keep them in the same area . . . ” as they run right past his feet. LOL!

  7. I never knew that watching baby ducks could be so easy on the eyes! Those ducklings were so good looking!!