Nosevember, You Say?

Lucy puts her snoot up front and center in this photo from Joe F.’s Flickr.



  1. So moist and shiny. And her eyes and coat color are beautiful. Nice to meetchu up close and personal Miss Lucy! A pleasure.

  2. As with most puppeh .. If you touch that, you will feel a might chill and wet.

    (I swear my Beagle kept his nose in the freezer when I’m not close by)

  3. liloaktree says:

    Such a pretty girl Miss Lucy!!
    She looks like a sweet, active girl if I am not mistake.

  4. Thanks, folks. Yes, Lucy is a young pup, age three, a Jindo-shepherd mix, and she is indeed a very sprightly, long-legged lady who loves to run and play. She’s a bit of a chicken, but inquisitive and smart, and she has her own Tumblr blog if you’d like to follow her adventures. I’ll link that at my name, if that’s cool with Brinke.