Nosevember: BEFORE…..


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“I tried for quite a while to get a good “nose shot” of my boy, Bailey, aka “The Boo”. My fav has to be the last one.” -Kathy B.



  1. Nose licker pictures have to be some of my favorites. They make the most serious dog look comical.

  2. The pic of sweet Bailey’s tongue is epic! He has soft nommable ears 😀

  3. The first pic reminds me of my dog. That total focus on the treat to the exclusion of all else.

  4. Excellent nose and tongue shots of Bailey! What a cutie!

  5. Wow! Food focused. Bailey’s nose is so delicious he tastes it himself!!

  6. You can taste your friends, and you can taste your nose, but you can’t . . . wait, what?