Ever Met A St. Berdoodle Before?

You have now! This is Mabel The St. Berdoodle. Amber A. of Hamilton, OH. says “My little Beanie Baby, at 12 weeks old.”

(“And some other fall photos!”)



Photos by amber rieder. Thank you!



  1. He’s very cute, but . . . how the hell did a St. Bernard and a poodle . . . no, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

  2. Mabel is gorgeous! Inquiring minds want to know – was Mom or Dad a standard poodle? Whichever, she’s beautiful.

  3. Juno- Standard poodles are pretty big- I’m betting the mom was the St. Bernard too.

  4. Very cute. Looks like he’s got some nice space to play in, too.

  5. I think “Bernoodle” would work better.

  6. No I have never heard of St. Berdoodle before but now I want one… What a cutie!