No Terrible Twos Here!

Not here! No chance! This is Rootbeer The Frenchie celebrating his Second Birthday, still “Rippin’ farts and breakin’ hearts” according to his personal Instagram. He’s also celebratin’ Birthday #2! “Last year you guys posted photos of Rootbeer’s 1st birthday. Well Monday he turned 2 and he’s as cute as ever!” -Brittany E.




  1. what he’d get as a cake? cute guy…sooo, how’d get his name?

  2. He got a cow hoof filled with green tripe instead of cake! His name came about when we we’re joking about silly/ridiculous dog names, we decided we kind of liked it and 3 years we picked him up from the breeder and named him Rootbeer.

  3. Happy birthday, Rootbeer, and many more! You are a cutie pie!

  4. His birthday cake is kinda freaking me out.

  5. Me too Vanessa!