Arvo needs his teddy bear before bedtime. Failure is NOT an option here.

Kinda reminds us of this alltime fave, too:



  1. “Is it me, or is it getting a bit stuffie in here?”

  2. I knew it was a dachshund before the video even started! Tenacious little burrowers! We had a weiner that never went to its crate at bedtime without his stuffie. Mind you, it was a stuffed carrot, not a full-sized bear (or an inflatable shark).

  3. SlaveToCat says:

    I think we should all chip in and upgrade the cage to one that would be large enough for the two of them and still be cozy.

  4. I think we’re gonna need a bigger crate!

  5. happy little trees says:

    Yeah, once a dachshund makes up their mind there is no changing it. Laws of physics aside – if the doxie wants it to fit, they’ll find a way to make it fit.

  6. Poor stuffie. This is the conversation that went through doxie’s head:”Come in teddy! Look we’ll try this way! Ugh! Ugh! Look teddy if you’re not gonna come I’m gonna have to grab you by the head. Come in! Come in! Ugh! Ugh! Head’s in. Ugh! Body! Just your back legs! One’s in!….”
    Also a wondering: How come his stuffie is bigger than he is?

  7. Deborah Burrows says:

    My girl loves her teddy as much as Arvo loves his. Def a bigger kennel. WTG Oakley!

  8. Now I don’t know which video is funnier!

  9. Oakley’s in the house!

  10. Dachshund means “badger hound” in German.Bred for hunting burrowing animals,they are also wonderful companion doggies.

  11. The teddy video is cute. The doggi does a great job.
    But the shark video always gives me belly laughs. It’s the ridiculous squeaking combined with the ripping sound of pure Doxie determination. The human struggling not to laugh and the the wire door closing on the doomed shark. Kills me ded every time.

  12. The one with the shark keels me every time!