Headline THIS, Mr. Bond “Lizard And Let Die”

[*Note: LATE UPDATE 2pm PT: “Lizard and Let Die” from MA, hands down. Thanks to everyone!! -Ed.]

Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve got Spectre on the brain- can’t help it, it’s been three years since Skyfall. So when I saw this image c/o Charmian Z., that was the first that entered my mind. “This is an endangered Blue Iguana who is currently residing at the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana Recovery Program‘s facility,” she says. “They are trying to get the wild blue iguana population up to 800 individuals. The beads this one has in his spikey hairdo is like an ID tag. The colors are read from the outside in and help researchers identify the iguanas from a distance once they are released into the wild.”

So. You know what to do- let’s have some terrific headlines and we’ll update at 1pm PT!



  1. Beads are my signature style

  2. After his cameo in ‘License to Kill,’ Fred the Iguana resumed his punk rock career…

  3. Nosevember? I want to be part of Nosevember!

  4. @Smartpants .. Don’t you mean “License to Lick” ?

  5. At first I thought this was a statue! What a cool looking creature, awesome.

  6. cyberpunkrocker says:

    “Don’t step on my blue lizard boots!”

  7. Lizard and Let Die

  8. Iguanas are Forever

  9. Smartypants for the win!

  10. 10? 10 what? And who is this Bo person you keep mentioning?

  11. Obviously, this is a beaded lizard.

  12. I guana kees you!

  13. OO-oo! I like “Lizard and Let Die”

  14. How would you like to be endangered Mr Bond?

  15. Mother of Chaos says:

    No Mr. Bond. I expect you to dye.

  16. I’m a Warrio….I’m a guana ween!

  17. Warning: do not stay in the sun too long, you’ll get lizard skin.

  18. Hehe, “Lizard and Let Die” – good one! 😀

  19. Those are some impressive nostrils!

  20. Thanks, all! My fifteen seconds of fame–proud to have them here on CO! ;-D