Congratulations, Harper!

[OK, now…which side do I flip the tassle to? Left or right? Wait—WHERE’S MY TASSLE????]

“This is Harper graduating from her puppy class with her PHD(og). A proud moment for Mama & Pup!” -Breana A.



  1. Where is this puppy class and how do I sign up?!

  2. Where is this puppeh class and how do I sign up?!

  3. The tassel appears to be at the back, to Harper’s right. (I assume that red bunch of fuzz is the end of a tassel.) So it’d be switched to the left. One small shake of the head might do it. One large shake of the head and the entire cap goes flying away.

  4. Oh my, such a sweet earnest face.

  5. I don’t remember anybody in my high school or college graduating classes who looked half as cute as this little furball. 🙂

  6. Harper knows sit, stay, heel, down, and CUTE! What a good and beautiful boy. Must eat chocolate now!

  7. Just saw pink leash. Good girl!

  8. Brains and looks..Harper had all!

  9. Good girl, Harper! Just look at that attentive expression.