Nosevember: Meet Charlie!

“My name is Amy Parsons, and I’ve been enjoying your website for 9 years now, but haven’t yet submitted a photo. I rescued Charlie three years ago from a shelter, and he certainly has some photos worth sharing! Hopefully you think he is Cute enough to share!” -Amy P.



  1. Wow! That nose / tip of the tongue combo is almost too cute to handle! Charlie is a handsome, lucky guy!

  2. Love the black mask and the soulful eyes. Charlie knows his tongue sets off his nose.

  3. Perfect doggie derp face!

  4. The combo of soulful eyes, tongue sliver and boopable nose is too much!! Too much cuteness!!!! ❤
    Thanks for sharing a pic of your awesome dog, Amy.

  5. I want to boop his cute nose!!

  6. WSweet Charlie! Boop his cute nose for me!

  7. What a sweet, beautiful, endearing face! Lucky dog, lucky owner!