Maymo & Penny VS. The Great Outdoors

Now that The Dynamic Duo have left their home in shreds from various videos, it’s time to head outdoors and see what trouble they can get into. Oh, look. A big pile of autumn leaves. Wonder what happens…next?



  1. Nothing like having the wind in your ears and a good stick.

  2. Stressfactor says:

    I was going to say, I loff the earsies flapping in the breeze!

  3. Happy flappy earsies!

  4. Nothing like the William Tell Overture to stir the blood! Plus a nice crisp fall day and a big pile of leaves to play in! Penny and Maymo. you are a great pair.

  5. Is that where M. & P. live?? Where is it? It looks like heaven! Actually, could it be Connecticut?