Cute As A…..Button

[*Note: This email was written by Button herself, with no outside assistance. We present it in its unedited form. -Ed.]

“Hello, my name is Button. I am one year old now and I was rescued at the age of 4 weeks together with my 6 siblings on a stormy night. I have always had a special nose, the vet said that there is a piece missing from birth, but I believe it makes me especially cute. This is one of the reasons why my hoomins named me ‘Button’ as it looks like a button.”

Photo by Mel F.



  1. Special, indeed! Beautiful doggah. Special nose boop: boop!

  2. fkaWaldenPond says:

    My coat dropped a button today, may I borrow this one? *sweety pie*

  3. You are a very precious doggy, Button! Just as pretty as can be and with a truly distinctive and boopable nose!

  4. Must kees cute doggie. Kees kees!

  5. Button, your name suits you perfectly, sweetie! And not only are you cute, but smart, too, as evidenced by that email you wrote! 😀

  6. Oh sweetie, I’m so glad you and your sibs got rescued! And as for your nosicle, it is beyond perfection. 🙂

  7. The sweetest shnozz ever. ❤
    I am so glad Button and her hoomins found each other.

  8. Still boopable.