#Nosevember: Need A Little Touch Up, Axel?

If ya thought Axel was born with that Prosh little white Nose—-you’d be wrong. That one is self-inflicted, it seems. “Hello friends at Cute Overload. This is Axel. He is a 3-year old Standard Wire-Haired Dachshund. He is particularly good with his nose. He frequently has a variety of items stuck to it, from fur clumps from our other dog, feathers to paint, as picture here. The photo was taken by me. Deborah W. ( Veterinarian and fan of your page to cheer me up.)



  1. Silly Axel! You sure look cute with that white nose!

  2. happy little trees says:

    I love wirehair dachshunds, especially standards, Axel’s twin sleeping next to me right now. “the look” almost always manages to get her out of the trouble her nose gets her into. Smells are just too much fun.

  3. The white paint is like a sign pointing to the most boopable part of Axel’s nose!

  4. I used to love to see what-all would get stuck to my parents’ dachshund’s nose. Feathers, flowers, small leaves, bits of paper…

  5. It’s time for a dab of new “Just for Dogs” home hair color 😀