#Nosevember: Meet Dave

“My dog’s name is Dave (or David Justin Russell when he is really naughty!) I think his Nose is pretty cute, I hope you agree!” -Alexandra R.



  1. Yes, Dave’s nose is definitely cute and so is the rest of him!

  2. Alice Shortcake says:

    For some reason Dave reminds me of one of my old geography teachers. I think it’s just something about the shape of his head and the abundant facial hair, because said teacher wasn’t remotely cute.

  3. What happened to Dave’s earsies?

  4. Yes. Very cute. …boop!

  5. @sugitomo – I think they’re just obscured by his cheek floof – I can make out the one on the left.

    Is this an Affenpinscher?

  6. Deborah Burrows says:

    Little monkeh dog–adorable.

  7. Alexandra Russell says:

    Omg, I’ve only just discovered that my lovely dog Dave has made it onto Cute Overload!! I can confirm he has two lovely ears, they are just concealed from view. He’s poodle with a quarter Jack Russell. @AliceShortcake Your comment cracked me up!!