Nosevember Is Dot-A-Licious

When I think of Dots, I first think of Dippin’ Dots. However, THIS Dot makes me rethink all that. “This is my cat, Dot (short for Dot-a-licious). She slept all day yesterday following the time change and I just couldn’t help sending some photos of some of her more interesting sleep positions. She was smashed up again a couch cushion most of the day until she then turned sideways and went all-in. Photographer: Dot’s mom.” -Janie F.



  1. Just looking at these pictures makes me sleepy! Dot is such a pretty kitty…love her black nosie!

  2. Sweet!

  3. The snorgle zone on her neck is irresistible! I would be wanting to kiss it constantly. Dot is a beautiful girl!

  4. The one thing kittehs definitely need is that extra hour to sleep. 😀 I would be waking Dot p for multiple snorgles all day long….