#Nosevember + Side-Eye Action ADDED

Been saving this one for EIGHT MONTHS almost to the day. On March 2nd, we heard from Karen M. And this one was filed under “SAVE FOR NOSEVEMBER.” And the time is now. “This is my boy, Duncan. He has quite the overbite; his top jaw is a good quarter inch longer than the bottom one. And his wonderful little nose is so wet it actually drips from time to time.




  1. Take a closer look at that snout.

  2. My my .. someone is ‘running away’ there ..

  3. The snoz on that little fella is of some proud lineage! Celebrate Nosevember in the traditional method! *pulls out a hanky*

  4. Side eye picture: Duncan projects, “It is magnificent is it not? You can’t stop looking! It Iz beeg, juicy and all for you.” I would name him Cyrano de Bergerac de Duncan.

  5. I love his overbite! It gives him a certain je ne sais quoi.

  6. Duncan is very handsome 🙂
    @Karen M.- my cat’s nose drips sometimes too.

  7. Duncan looks very proud of his nose, as well he should be! I love his overbite!

  8. I am a huuuuuuuge fan of doggy overbites. My wawa Lily had an insane overbite, one of her most endearing and memorable qualities. 🙂

  9. His overbite is so cuuuute. I could stare at his prosh schnozz for hours… ❤