#Nosevember: All Those Smells!!!!

What do you do when you go outside for the very first time? You SMELL EVERYTHING!!

Gavin L. explains, “Pickles, our hedgehog discovering what outside smells like.”



  1. What a bright and appealing little animal! Isn’t it fun to show him the world?

  2. singing: Pickles goes ’round in circles
    nose flies high like a bird up in the sky

  3. *NomNomNom* says:

    My BF watched this and said, “Now I want a hedgehog.” I will hold him to this, if we ever live somewhere where hedgies could be happy.

  4. “The bestest smells are this way. No, this way! No, no, I mean this way! Now I’m dizzy.” 🙂

  5. OK, that is an awesome name for a hedgie!
    I humbly request a Fave Frame with that prosh nosicle up in the air. 😀