Bunday Morning Comix

Cartoon by Poorly Drawn Lines as seen on Bored Panda.



  1. This is very NOT cute.
    Why do you put this stuff up ?
    I feel that you need a minimum amount of posts per day so you use stuff that should be avoided.
    And you don’t even see the viewers you lose because of horrible/frightening stuff you put on.

  2. Thanks for starting my day with a chuckle. Personally, I think Mr. Bear probably threw her back: too skinny!

  3. emmbea,
    You are sick.
    Judge a woman by her weight – too thick or too skinny.
    Is that what you think of your mother / sisters / wife etc ?

  4. 😦

  5. lighten up ya’ll. It’s a cartoon.

  6. Tim McDaniel says:

    I have to agree that it’s funny (morbidly) but not cute. The only way I can see to make it cute is to think that the bear is a single diner, and has tipped the maitre d’, M. Lapin, to seat another unaccompanied diner with him. The bear and Alice both get the salmon, and over lively conversation discover a shared interest in potions and cakes. Thereafter, they occasionally meet by the river on nice afternoons.

  7. Good, good, let the hurt flow through you. That poor skinny cartoon girl. What has this world come to?

  8. Yes, I’m going to prescribe two Chill Pills and one spritz of Anti-Butthurt Spray, extra strength.

    @Tim, I like your interpretation – Liz Climo did a great cartoon like that, where the bear was going to have the fish ‘for dinner’ and of course it turned out the fish was his guest 😀

  9. I guess I’m a bad person; I find this kinda funny!

  10. @Tim to the rescue! Your story is cute and funny. And more constructive than name calling.

  11. @lala: no name calling here, please.

  12. I love giggle inducing cartoon and pearl clutching comments in the morning 😀

  13. As “Yellow (the m&m) would say…… “I think he’s gonna eat Garry” 🙂
    That was a great m&m commercial- I miss that one.

  14. I have found my new favorite post at CO. I lol’ed so very hard when it was referred to as, “horrible/frightening stuff”. I love how CO brightens my day! 😀

  15. Ha!

  16. Clever bunneh knows how to make a buck!

  17. Tim are you an arbitration attorney? Very good solution. That being said I thought the cartoon was hilarious.

  18. fkaWaldenPond says:

    I think this comment section needs a ‘What is going on here?!’ tag. 😀

  19. This cartoon basically got the same mix of comment types on another site it appeared on.The stimulation of conversation from differing viewpoints is healthy.

  20. Blue Footed Booby says:

    @Tim McDaniel
    Interspecies dating is a wonderful thing.

  21. oh come on! It’s just a cartoon( which is very funny by the way)