Bunday: Disapproving Nose On Nosevember 1st!

Can there BE a more Disapproving Nose? No. There cannot. Who is this? Looks familiar! “Hello! I sent some pictures along last spring of Luna The Bun chilling (disapprovingly) in a basket. Luna is back in a basket, this time blissfully unaware that she is about to have to share her space with a new hoomin. Disapproval is surely imminent! Thanks for continuing to make adorbs posts!” -Liz B.




  1. Luna looks cuter than anything Steiff could ever manufacture. I have not ever heard of how rabbits adjust to babies, so any updates would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Luna is adorable 🙂

  3. Luna is beautiful and she looks so cozy in the basket with her stuffy friends.

  4. Helen Colombo says:

    I have somehow lost my daily email from CO – how to I subscribe to it? I’m getting posts, but not the regular email. thanks!!

    Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2015 16:27:43 +0000 To: hbcolombo@outlook.com

  5. Luna is cuter than any stuffed toy. Love the big eye look in the first photo.

  6. The white eyeliner is so fashion forward.
    Do Buns relate to baby hoomins? More pics please.

  7. “I will teach the tiny hoomin the Way of the Bun.”

  8. I have BIG news! I found a totally organic snack food brand called, “Approving Rabbit”! It was a mix of pretzels and crackers all in rabbit shapes. It was a super cute snack and better for you than most! It even has a smiling bun on the box!

  9. grytlappar says:

    Luna has nice stuff. Such a pretty rabbit!

  10. Susan McKay says:

    Two exuberant buns up!! I’m one of the expectant Grandmas. I can attest that Luna is one sweet and doted upon bunny. oxo to all who love cuteness.

  11. Congratulations, @Susan McKay!! You are one lucky lady to be an expectant Grandma AND to have Luna bunny in your life.

  12. Lucky Luna, lucky new hoomin. Is it just me or does Luna NOT look all that disapproving? 🙂

  13. I didn’t even see him there!