“Tocks! As Far As The Eye Can See!”

“My mother was recently on a group trip out to the Grand Canyon,” reports Dai-Suzanne M. “One day their bus came to a halt and my mom went to see what the hold-up was. Apparently, it was…’Tocks. I hope you find this photo as funny as I do, and hopefully it’ll make the ‘Tocktober cut! Thanks a bunch, keep up the Cute!”



  1. Truly Spec-‘tock-ular!

  2. Mischief Girl says:

    Completely awesome! What a perfect photo for the last day of ‘Tocktober!

  3. I love sheep tocks.

  4. Oh my gracious! A different kind of grand view in the Grand Canyon! And the angle of the sunlight against the car creates an interesting cow-like shadow.

  5. grytlappar says:

    That car that got stuck in the middle of Tocko-rama! 😀
    Also, Nosevember has begun!!

  6. Sweaters on the lamb!

  7. I went to Scotland this summer, sheep EVERYWHERE!