THIS JUST IN: Gizmo The Fruit Bat Halloween Action!

I don’t know that you’ll see Tiny Fruit Bat Puppehs swooping overhead where you are tonight- but if you do, be sure to give ’em a snorgle. (We see they are partial to booberries and watermelon.)

(The Giz c/o Jess L.)



  1. I’ve always thought bats looked like little flying Chihuahuas. Here’s proof!

  2. There’s a face made for adorable disapproval. I think he disapproves that the fruit is not in his mouth already.

  3. OMG, too adorable!

  4. At first I thought it was a tiny pug puppy dressed in wings! Aren’t these little bats too, too cute!

  5. *NomNomNom* says:

    Bless… So little and so grumpy.

  6. Deborah Burrows says:

    Is he a wawa? I have never seen such a puppeh! Breath-taking!

  7. It would be amazing if dogs could fly but they’d probably drop “bombs” from mid-flight. 😦

  8. Wow, hilariously cute, little-bighead!

  9. methinks subject puppeh is a smooth-coat brussels griffon (aka petite brabracon). My totes target next puppeh. I am squeezing the screen in joy~