Is That Your Halloween Costume?

I’m not sure what you’re going for, it looks like the “sexy Buzz Lightyear” costume with a bit of the “sexy wine bottle” costume, topped off by the wig from the “sexy Donald Trump” costume, but whatever it is, it sure is sexy!*


Via * Note: Actual “sexy” Halloween costumes for 2015. Hork.



  1. “Oh no she di’n’t!”

  2. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I went hunting for unfortunate “sexy” halloween costumes Halloween morning. I had to close my browser after I found sexy goth lolita hitler. There’s just no beating that. This chameleon has about the same expression as the one I made at my monitor, complete with eyeballs pointing in slightly different directions. Then I opened a bottle of cognac and watched X-Files on Netflix.

    Thank you for reading my story. God bless.