Happy Howl-A-Ween!

Lots of spooks and goblins roaming about tonight. Here’s a great link with helpful Halloween safety tips for your little furry friends.

Puppeh In Punkin image from Shutterstock.



  1. Our Begger’s Eve was last night. My cats live in perpetual terror of the doorbell, so they spent the night locked in a bedroom, where they looked very sad. I didn’t want to risk one of them freaking out and trying to rush out the door through the kids while I answered it.
    End result, made it through a halloween… and only with only a moderate amount of cat hair on my pillow and bed!

  2. So keep me locked up in case I run into danger out there? That doesn’t make any sense! How about this? “Keep me safe indoors so I don’t run into any danger out there.” Or, because of it being halloween, replace the word danger with monsters. Just a thought.