Ever Seen An Octopus Nom A Pumpkin?

Angela H. at the Monterey Bay Aquarium sent us this video last night- of a “Giant Pacific Octopus” nomming a pumpkin.

And now we have officially seen it all.



  1. Sharon Wilson says:

    I’m surprised the octopus didn’t try to get in the pumpkin!

  2. Spooky and wonderful at the same time!

  3. @Faye- JUST the vibe we were looking for. They sent me a preview of this last night and I went, “Hmmmmmmm. I wonder: are Octopi Cute?”

  4. Huh!

  5. Amazing!!

  6. Holy Moly Rocky!

  7. Emmberrann says:

    Obvy, some are. This one is. If it was wrapped around my leg, my answer might be different. Maybe.
    And who knew octopuses eat pumpkin?

  8. Hideous Lump says:

    Great… Daylight savings time ends tonight, which means that will haunt my nightmares for an extra hour tonight.

  9. @Brinke Octopuses R Cute. And smart. And surprising. Maybe next year we can have an October Octopus Overload Event. 🐙 Are there Octotocks??

  10. 2spoopy4me

  11. Such amazing animals! I wish I knew more about octopus body language to know if this one was excited or just kinda curious.