Yarrrrrrr! It’s Almost Halloweenie, Matey!!!

“This is Hudson The Pirate. He is a resident of Save the Animals Foundation in Cincinnati. Hudson is adoptable & waiting for his forever home! Thanks and we love C.O.!” -Cathy O.

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues


  1. Jan Keller says:

    Poor kitten!

    Thanks, Jan


  2. With those half-closed eyes, it looks like Hudson has been hitting the halloween rum. What a handsome pirate he be, yarhahah

  3. I LOVE this, hilarious and super cute. AND what a laid back kitty to allow the costume!

  4. That’s a sweet guy–hope he gets adopted soon. The costume totally kills me.

  5. The kitten is super cute