Happy OWL-O-Ween!

WHOOOOO’s going out for Trick or Treating tomorrow nite, hmmmm?

(Tastefully Offensive.)

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues



  1. A dancing, squeaking baby owl. My day is made.

  2. Love owls. Love this dancing baby owl. Thanks for making this a brighter morning ! Now I can smile while I do boring work. 😀

  3. I L-O-V-E, LOVE that the owlette is trying to be a good backup singer and chime in at the right time! So cute!

  4. He could easily make it as a Pip! Best backup singer in the bizness. 🙂

  5. Sharon Wilson says:

    He says, “Aw, shut up and feed me some mice!”

  6. Baby owl has ‘tude! I love it!