And…One More For The Road!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our day-long Halloween Celebrayshe today! Let’s wrap things up, shall we? There are going to be many Ghosts, Goblins and Gremlins out there Saturday night! So whadya’ do if one of ’em invades your personal space? Chew off his little rubber knife, that’s what! “You featured Murray the Marbled Roborovski hamster for Christmas and Easter, and since my favorite holiday is tomorrow, I had to send this. I hope you like it!” -Crystal S.



  1. Best wishes for a fun, happy, and safe Halloween, from the

    Penny Robinson Fan Club!!!

  2. Murray’s like “Run, I’ll take care of this guy!” Hero hammie. 😀

  3. Or is he destroying evidence? Robo rampage!

  4. Looks like one of Dexter’s “kill rooms” too, on top of everything else.