#TBT: 10/29/2007: Mini-Dragon-Peeg

Who makes these Halloween costumes for Guinea pigs and ferrets?! Who ARE these people with tiny sewing machines and infinite ideas!? What is the deal!?

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]



  1. Now that’s an adorable dragon. It has to take patience to sew such tiny outfits.

  2. IT’S A GUINEA-SAURUS REX (South Park Reference 😉 )

  3. It’s like sewing doll clothes. This one would be easier than usual cause it is polar fleece so you don’t have to finish any seams since that fabric does not fray.
    See me appearing on Project Runway: Peeg Edition! 😀
    (which BTW I would totally watch….)

  4. OMP! Now that is the cutest thing that I have seen in such a long time – squeals! XOXO – Bacon

  5. grytlappar says:

    People who recognize the unfilled demand in the marketplace is who!

    This little lounging suit is really well made btw—it looks deceptively simple, but the fit and execution is spot on! I was thinking “Look how well they’ve fitted the tail”… Til I remembered peegs don’t have a tail. 😀