Sorry ‘Bout That, Rilo

Rules are rules, and they’re put there for your safety, little girl. Maybe you’ll be big enough next year! You were just born July 7th!

Callie B. tells us, “My Frenchie puppy Rilo Clomette had a pumpkin patch adventure that culminated in her passing out between two pumpkins. I’m particularly partial to the “Am I big enough, mom?”

I think she’s adorbs, I hope you agree!”




  1. What a cutie pie!!!!

  2. So her mama thinks her baby girl is adorbs? Biggest understatement of the year!! Adorbs is only the beginning. 🙂

  3. Hey, Rilo, quit hogging all the cute…you have more than your share! 🙂

  4. Gaah – precious bebeh! Her fuzzy coat looks like velour.

  5. You can practically FEEL how soft that little head is!

  6. heart explosion!!

  7. Rilo's Mom says:

    her instagram is @tinyrilo !

  8. What a baby face! Very, very cute baby. She is tiny and yes, adorbs. The first picture is my favourite too.